Centrify and Splunk Partner to Integrate Identity and Privilege Management to Create Operational Intelligence

May 3, 2011

BOSTON, May 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — RED HAT SUMMIT (Booth #1107) — Centrify Corporation and Splunk today announced a technology and marketing partnership through which the two companies will deliver integrated solutions to increase operational intelligence for IT security and compliance. With Centrify and Splunk, IT managers can recognize and analyze identity, authentication and authorization events alongside machine data from systems, applications and infrastructure across different platforms and datacenters. In addition, Splunk users now have the ability to utilize Active Directory for single sign-on and access control of Splunk deployed on UNIX and Linux systems.

“Seeing user login, access control history and alerts for cross-platform systems in a single view can save us time and help us tune our security and processes,” said Pepijn Bruienne, Macintosh system administrator for Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions.

As part of the partnership, Centrify will publish and maintain two new solutions on Splunkbase, the Splunk add-on and application gallery (http://splunkbase.splunk.com):

    --       Centrify Insight(TM), Splunk Edition
         Centrify Insight is a unique solution that extends Splunk's
          capabilities for IT security and compliance. Centrify Insight uses
          Splunk to report and analyze identity data, authentication and
          authorization events. This information, correlated with machine
          data emanating from systems, applications and infrastructure,
          enhances organizations' compliance efforts and improves security in
          on-premises and cloud environments.
         For users of Centrify Express and customers of the Centrify Suite,
          Centrify Insight will collect UNIX and Linux identity, access and
          authorization data that Centrify stores in Active Directory and
          audit and report on any changes made to that data. The module can
          also provide alerts and metrics related to not only Active
          Directory users that Centrify "UNIX enables," but can also track
          and alert on local UNIX account activity. In addition, metrics
          regarding such access control issues as failed login attempts and
          alerts about particular privileged user behaviors spanning both
          Windows and UNIX/Linux give IT administrators a view of cross-
          platform identity, authentication and authorization in real-time.
          The application works with either of Splunk's free or enterprise

      --     Centrify Active Directory Integration for Splunk
         Centrify introduces the only Splunk add-on that delivers robust
          Active Directory integration for Splunk users. Centrify secures
          Splunk, providing authentication for authorized Splunk users on
          UNIX or Linux systems through their Active Directory credentials.
          IT managers can use Centrify Suite to set specific authorization of
          Splunk roles by mapping them to groups in Active Directory. The
          add-on also includes links to Centrify Express-a free, full-
          licensed authentication utility for Linux and Mac integration with
          Active Directory.(http://www.centrify.com/express).

“Partnering with Splunk to provide visibility into data center security makes a lot of sense and provides a brand new benefit for customers,” said Ginny Roth, Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “As Centrify Insight augments overall reporting with granular identity management details, both on-premises or in the cloud, it will help IT administrators know that they have the security they have been looking for, and can now deliver to compliance auditors the reports they need.”

Centrify Insight and Active Directory Integration for Splunk are a part of the comprehensive set of Active Directory integration tools that Centrify is releasing in Centrify Express 2011 (see related press release issued today: “Centrify Expands Its Leading, Free Active Directory Integration Solution to Include Cloud Server Support and Splunk Integration“).By partnering with Splunk, Centrify will help customers get better operational visibility of their real time and historical authentication status and actions. For instance an auditor can determine who assigned a user access to a particular system or produce a report on orphaned accounts.

“With Centrify, our users now have access to authentication and authorization information across their platforms and data centers, improving their operational visibility and ability to make security decisions,” said Mark Seward, director of security and compliance solutions at Splunk. “In addition, by integrating Centrify capabilities, IT managers now have access to single sign-on and additional layers of access control for Splunk itself – making their entire organization more secure.”

“Centrify is delighted to be the first partner to provide integrated Active Directory authentication for Splunk users,” said Corey Williams, director of product management at Centrify. “IT managers in our mutual customers will benefit from Splunk and Centrify integrating and correlating identity and access management (IAM) with both security information and event management data for application and operational intelligence.”

In addition to hosting access to each other’s applications, Centrify and Splunk are collaborating on marketing activities. Centrify and Splunk will be jointly presenting as platinum co-sponsors at Active Directory Black Belt a virtual trade show on May 10, demonstrating the joint solutions and the opportunities for increased security and efficiency that they enable. Registration is now open.

About Splunk

Splunk is the leading provider of operational intelligence software used to monitor, report and analyze real-time machine data as well as terabytes of historical data – located on-premise or in the cloud. Almost half of the Fortune 100 and more than 2,300 enterprises, service providers and government organizations in 74 countries use Splunk to improve service levels, reduce IT operations costs, mitigate security risks, and drive new insights for IT and the business.

For a new approach to IT, visit http://www.splunk.com, or visit http://www.splunk.com/download to download a free copy.

About Centrify

Centrify delivers integrated software solutions that centrally control, secure and audit access to cross-platform systems and applications by leveraging the infrastructure organizations already own–Microsoft Active Directory. From the data center and into the cloud, over 3000 organizations, including 40% of the Fortune 100, rely on Centrify’s identity consolidation and privilege management solutions to reduce IT expenses, strengthen security and meet compliance requirements. For more information about Centrify and its solutions, call +1 (408) 542-7500 or visit www.centrify.com.

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