Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges Healthcare Executives to Become Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Whistleblower for Rewards

May 4, 2011

The Corporate Whistle Blower Center is one of the leading advocates in the United States for corporate whistleblowers, and the group is one of the best branded sources in the nation on Medicare, or Medicaid fraud. They say, “Medicare fraud is a $60 billion dollar a year business in the US, and we are doing everything possible to encourage healthcare executives to step forward, if they have meaningful proof of significant Medicare, or Medicaid fraud. The federal government offers huge rewards for this type of information, and we will help explain the rules involved in a healthcare executive advancing their whistleblower information.” The group says, “The Qui Tam process, or process involved in a federal whistleblower lawsuit is complex. In fact, the federal whistleblower rules for healthcare executives are counterintuitive, as opposed to something logical. As an example, if a healthcare executive, who possesses information about massive Medicare, or Medicaid fraud goes public, they may have just ruined their chances for a whistleblower reward. As we would like to explain, call us, and we will try to tell you everything else we know. Our number one goal in all of this is Whistleblower protection.” For more information potential executives in healthcare, who possess significant information about Medicare, or Medicaid fraud are encouraged to call the Corporate Whistle Blower Center anytime at 866-714-6466, or they can contact the group via their web site at http://CorporateWhistleBlowerCenter.Com

(PRWEB) May 02, 2011

The mission of the Corporate Whistle Blower Center is to protect all corporate whistleblowers in every possible way. The group says, “We think its vital that individuals, who are courageous enough to step forward about Medicare, or Medicaid fraud are protected in every way possible. While we are not a law firm, and our efforts are not an attempt to practice law, we want to make certain high end whistleblowers understand the playing field, and the basic rules. Rule number one is if you go public, or go to the Feds, prior to a skilled whistleblower attorney having the opportunity to review your information, your chance for a significant reward may have just gone out the window.” They say, “We know a great deal about healthcare, Medicare, or Medicaid fraud, and we want healthcare whistleblowers to get up to speed as quickly as possible, in order to help make certain they do not inadvertently mess up their chance of getting a significant reward for their information. As part of our service we will try our best to find the highest caliber whistleblower law firm, or attorney given the fact set we are presented with. No other group in the United States offers anything close to this service.” For more information please contact the Corporate Whistle Blower Center at 866-714-6466, or contact the group via its web site at http://CorporateWhistleBlowerCenter.Com.

According to The Corporate Whistle Blower Center, “Every US citizen needs to understand how huge the Medicare fraud problem is, so we can stop it. Medicare fraud alone is a $60 billion dollar per year enterprise.” To better illustrate this point, on Friday April 29th 2011, the Associated Press reported, “As the feds squeeze tighter, South Florida’s Medicare schemers have scurried into new territory to loot hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers, now billing the system for bogus mental health, physical therapy and other rehabilitation services. The magnitude of the region’s fraud is astonishing: Florida mental health clinics submitted $421 million in bills to Medicare last year — about four times more than Texas and a whopping 635 times higher than Michigan, both also hotbeds of healthcare rackets, according to government records. Florida rehabilitation facilities billed $310 million for physical and speech therapy — 140 times more than New York and 10 times higher than California, records show.” The Corporate Whistle Blower Center says, “We know healthcare executives are seeing Medicare, or Medicaid fraud first hand, and they can get rewarded for their information, provided the proof is overwhelming. We want to help them step forward.” For more information please call the Corporate Whistle Blower Center anytime at 866-714-6466, or contact the group via its web site at http://CorporateWhistleBlowerCenter.Com

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