Author of Female Brain Gone Insane, Mia Lundin, Announces New Website Launch

May 25, 2011

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Author and founder of the Center for Hormonal Balance, Mia Lundin, has unveiled the redesign of www.mialundin.com, an innovative website about bioidentical hormones, balance, her center and now award winning book, Female Brain Gone Insane. Mia Lundin, R.N.C.N.P., is a thought leader in bioidentical hormones and female brain chemistry, how they relate and how these imbalances affect the emotional well-being of women of all ages.

Why the new website? Many health care practitioners still fail to recognize the connection between women’s hormones and their mental states. There is a need for an approach and information to women from this standpoint. Too many women are told, “Your emotional suffering is all in your head.”

Mia Lundin’s award winning book, Female Brain Gone Insane is unlike other books on hormonal imbalances that normally focus on physiological changes such as bone loss and hot flashes. Instead, Female Brain Gone Insane, tackles the legitimate panic and distress women feel as they experience symptoms associated with emotional mood swings, loss of concentration and/or memory, and mental acuteness.

Mia Lundin is also the founder and director of the thriving private health care practice, The Center for Hormonal and Nutritional Balance. based in Santa Barbara, California. The Center attracts women from around the world. Lundin has become an authority and pioneer in the field of women’s health, specializing in treating the underlying causes of emotional symptoms experienced throughout a woman’s life. Often a “last-stop-doc”, Lundin has successfully inspired and “balanced” thousands of women using her own treatment protocol, which combines bioidentical hormones, natural nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes.

About Mia Lundin and The Center for Hormonal Balance

Ms. Lundin is a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, an award winning author, educator, inspirational speaker and international leader in her field. Through her private practice, education efforts, writing, research and advocacy, she empowers women who feel like they are falling apart, losing it, or going “insane” and focuses on the emotional symptoms of hormone and brain chemistry imbalances associated with the combination of stress-filled lives and hormonal transitions such as PMS, perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause. For more information about it contact: New Dawn Media, or visit Mia Lundin’s website at www.mialundin.com.

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