Hello Schizo Foundation Announces ‘White Colla Poppin Dope Pushas’ Multimedia Series

June 2, 2011

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 2, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Hello Schizo Foundation, a new Beverly Hills based non-profit organization in association with Wyse Gyrls Media announced the launch of its new multimedia series, “Confessions of White Colla Poppin Dope Pushas” which chronicles profit over people in this high stakes web of deception highlighting American Psychiatry’s zero cures and ineffective treatments; insurance fraud, six figure plus in-patient psychiatric ward hospitalizations of doping and babysitting and Big Pharma’s toxic dope which destroys the lives of their patients making them worse often resulting in suicide, homicide or the transformation into catatonic schizo zombies.

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The gritty, new series peels the veneer off of white privilege, the trillion dollar racket of the psychiatry plantation and the legal pharmaceutical dope biz, with its backroom deals between psychiatrists, the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, law enforcement and their support feeder mental illness association organizations. “Confessions of White Colla Poppin Dope Pushastakes the viewer through the virus of the American psyche and its mental illness export business exposing alarming parallels between street corner drug dealer thugs, international drug cartels and white collar professional American Psychiatrists revealing the majority of them as corrupt, prejudiced white colla poppin dope pushas that knowingly dispense bad dope to patients for profits. The series will be available in TV, web, mobile, film, book and DVD formats and translated in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian languages.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, attorney, private investigator nor Indian chief to connect the dots and realize that there is categorically and fundamentally something very wrong with the equation that American citizens and the world population continue to be fleeced and bamboozled into paying for American Psychiatry’s ineffective treatments and Big Pharma’s toxic medications which factually do not work and which have offered zero cures for the countless disorders that these groups continue to concoct,” adds Coleman-Albazie, Executive Director of The Hello Schizo Foundation.

The Hello Schizo Foundation was created by philanthropist Coleman-Albazie to honor mentally disabled victims of American Psychiatry and Big Pharma and provides in-depth schizophrenia research, white papers, compassion training classes, emergency compassion tool kits for citizens in addition to its branded merchandise, media programming, celebrity events, books, outreach and other services. Our agenda also encompasses fund raising for aggressive schizophrenia research that leads to real cures in an industry that has yet to achieve this critical mission for centuries. The organization also expects to provide community support, a toll free help line, therapy, day trips, life skills training, food, clothing, housing, art classes, educational and faith based opportunities for 1,000+ mentally disabled clients per year with a focus on schizophrenia and other psychosis related disorders.

Coleman-Albazie’s eldest son, Lance Coleman, a 23 year old, once academically gifted scholar with a full ride scholarship to college was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age eighteen; the disease, ineffective psychiatry treatment and toxic medications have since completely derailed his life. Coleman, like the majority of the mentally disabled population has also been the victim of extensive harassment and discrimination based upon his mental disability by four of his morally bankrupt Beverly Hills neighbors.

Coleman who just received a 100MG injection of Haloperidol last Friday by Carl Fleisher M.D. and Stephen R. Marder M.D. was admitted again to the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital’s in-patient psychiatric ward today under 5150 criteria due to the ineffective, toxic medication and treatments that simply don’t work. He has been an out-patient of UCLA Neuropsychiatric Clinic and is under the care of Beverly Hills Psychiatrist and electro-shock therapy promoter Lana Milton MD. Current psychiatrists who are assigned to his case are Carl Fleisher M.D., Stephen R. Marder M.D. and Sahib Khalsa MD.

To learn more about The Hello Schizo Foundation, its services, outreach, events, media programming, products, perspectives and initiatives or to donate today visit The Hello Schizo Foundation online at http://helloschizo.org.

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