Ausnutria Merges with Hyproca and Expands R&D Base to Europe

June 3, 2011

BEIJING, June 3, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Recently, Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd (China) announced the M&A with Hyproca Dairy Group Corporate (Holland) and acquired a 51% share of Hyproca’s stock. This will make Ausnutria the controlling stockholder of this Dutch dairy corporation with more than 110 years of history. Ausnutria extends its international industry chain to further create its own R&D base in the Netherlands which has a very long dairy history. This will help Ausnutria to lay a foundation for its global market.

Ausnutria is one of the outstanding infant formula companies in the Chinese market. Since their establishment in 2003, Ausnutria has been focused on the R&D, processing and infant formula for the Chinese market.

Hyproca Dairy Group was established in 1897. It is one of the earliest corporations specialized in infant formula. Through hundreds of years of accumulation and the inheritance of the Dutch’s outstanding dairy traditions, Hyproca’s processing technique has advanced in the global dairy industry and its quality control is always up to the strict standard of the European Union. In the meantime, Hyproca is not only the exclusive producer of organic milk in Holland, but also the Netherlands’ biggest producer of goat milk, the third biggest producer of butter as well as the forth biggest processing factory of milk powder. The technologies Hyproca possesses for organic milk and whole goat infant formula are at a world advanced level. With the world’s first class technologies, strict quality control up to European standards and the comprehensive product lines, Hyproca has become the OEM for many world famous brands, what’s more, long accumulation of R&D advantage makes Hyproca qualified to develop its own premium infant formula products, then to develop a global market in many different countries and gain high reputation around the world.

Integrating the global fine resources and developing the global competitive R&D capabilities as well as processing capacity to provide the Chinese market with safer and higher standard infant food is the consistent developing strategy of Ausnutria, so that it creates its unique developing pattern especially for the Chinese market. It’s the biggest M&A ever since the birth of Ausnutria, then Hyproca in Holland will become the third biggest milk source suppliers for Ausnutria, after Tatura (Australia) and Nutribio (France), to help Ausnutria further improve its global milk recourse system and quality assurance system, the global industry line for Ausnutria has begun to take shape.

Now, Holland is one of the biggest milk producing and exporting countries in the world, and the milk cows there are acknowledged as one of the best breeds.

The protein content is up to 3.48% in the original cow milk produced by Dutch cows. The global dairy general standard related to product raw milk chains has originated from Holland, including the land cultivation, forage planting and milking technologies. The unique developing environment has helped make Hyproca. The international specification requirement is very strict to process organic milk, it is the fundamental requirement that the cows must be fed in natural pastures, no galactagogue and no additives are allowed during the milk’s processing.

Yuanrong Chen, the CEO of Ausnutria said, “Holland is traditionally a strong country in the dairy industry. Their quality of milk resources and techniques is one of the best in the world. The environment of milk resource is unique and can’t be copied. The M&A with Hyproca makes Ausnutria acquire not only a stable and fine milk resource and production base in Europe, but also experience of pasture, milk resources, R&D, technique and quality system to further enhance operation ability and provide Chinese customers with higher nutritious and purer premium dairy products. He also made a further comment that the M&A with Hyproca is an important milestone for Ausnutria’s development, which means Ausnutria will be in line with the international practice further in both R&D and quality control.”

The founder and the CEO of Hyproca Mr. Bart said, “the improvement that Ausnutria has made these years is overwhelming, it shows Ausnutria’s great ability for market development and management. Choosing Ausnutria as a partner in the Chinese market, Hyproca will obtain the golden channel to the globe’s biggest market, and it is good for Hyproca to show its whole capacity in milk resources, R&D and production.”

Introduced by Ausnutria, after the M&A with Hyproca, they will cooperate in a multi research and develop project to combine the fine Holland milk resources, R&D achievements by Sino-Dutch teams and also strict quality control standards for Ausnutria’s premium original product. Further steps will be made that both sides are going to start clinical feed experiments in authoritative scientific institutions in Holland and China, then to constantly develop new products based on cow and goat milk and integration in test standards and inner control management.

If the M&A is successful, Ausnutria and Hyproca will set up a new subsidiary in Hong Kong to be responsible for sales operations in Asia, Hyproca nourishment (China) company for the Chinese market. Meanwhile, Ausnutria would expand their products to the global market with the sales channels of Hyproca.

Ms. He Du, the deputy secretary of China national food industry association said that food safety is related to the consumer’s health and safety. The Chinese government attaches great importance to manage food safety with strict standards and practical measures. Ausnutria’s merger with Hyproca is the excellent practice called “the higher standard of the security and nutrition” from the source. By integration of the upstream resources, Ausnutria ensure the quality of the milk resources and provide a global platform for the R&D of better dairy products. The merger will be an inspiration for the Chinese dairy enterprises and other food processing enterprises.

About Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd:

Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd is mainly engaged in the research and production as well as the sale of import infant milk and supplementary food in the Chinese market. Ausnutria insists on the faith of “a higher standard of security and nutrition”, strictly following the rule that enterprise standard is higher than the national standards. The company’s product “Allnutria series”, “Augood” and “golden choice Australian” are the pioneers in China’s premium market. Ausnutria milk is 100% imported, containing no essence/spice, cane sugar or maltdextrin. It took the lead to construct the most perfect “the organic product matrix” — Allnutria organic infant formula and organic wheat.

Hyproca Dairy Group Corporate (Holland)

Hyproca Dairy Group Corporate was established in 1897, located in the traditional dairy country, Holland, it is the ancestor of Holland’s infant formula. It is also Holland’s only organic milk producer, biggest goat milk producer, third biggest butter producer and has their fourth biggest milk processing factory.

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