June 10, 2011

39 People Sickened By US Salmonella Outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that 39 people have been sickened from a salmonella outbreak spread through handling baby chicks or ducklings.

The CDC said the cases occurred from late February to late May and are spread through 15 states.  Ohio had the most cases, with eight.

Ohio officials said the two businesses have been working with state and federal investigators looking into the outbreak.

No deaths have been reported but at least nine were hospitalized.  People who got sick ranged from young children to elderly adults.

A mail order hatchery was identified as the source of the outbreak, but CDC officials declined to name the company.

CDC believes about one in six people in the U.S. gets sick from eating contaminated food each year.

Salmonella infection is the most common U.S. foodborne illness.  Last year, a salmonella outbreak resulted in the recall of about half a billion eggs.  Salmonella is linked to contaminated meats, produce and processed foods.

It caused about 2,300 hospitalizations and 29 deaths in 2010.


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