June 14, 2011

Polar Heart Rate Training With Bluetooth Now Available for Use With Popular Smartphone Applications

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., June 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Polar USA (www.polarusa.com), the leader in heart rate monitoring and fitness assessment technology, today announced the release of its WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth. This new transmitter will allow millions of Android and Symbian smartphone users the ability to exercise while tracking their heart rate and fitness progress. They can do so using popular mobile training applications such as RunKeeper, Sports Tracker, and Endomondo. The $79.95 accessory, which is comfortably worn around the chest and allows full freedom of movement, transmits highly accurate heart rate data to Android and Symbian smartphone screens without interference from surrounding devices. It also features a user-replaceable battery for further ease-of-use.

"Smartphone growth continues to skyrocket, with major research firms such as Gartner Group reporting over 100 million devices sold worldwide in the first quarter of this year alone," said Jeff Padovan, President of Polar USA. "But what's even more important is the parallel growth in application use and rising popularity of mobile training applications. With the new WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth, our widely-acclaimed monitoring technology brings highly accurate heart rate training information to those who are using mobile apps."

Before, Android and Symbian users could only track their speed and distance, while working out. Now, with the Polar WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth, they can monitor their heart rate and precisely manage their exercise intensity to get the most out of every session. After each training session, users can share workout data and examine their heart rate and training intensity in greater detail through the web services of their application provider.

The WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth is exclusively for mobile smartphone use and cannot be used with Polar training computers. It is available online as an accessory set through shoppolar.com and through authorized application provider websites. Android and Symbian smartphone users may download compatible mobile training applications directly from their respective websites. For a list of compatible applications, please visit the Polar WearLink+ with Bluetooth site.

About Polar

Headquartered in Lake Success, NY, Polar USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Finland-based Polar Electro OY, which invented the first wireless heart rate monitor (HRM) in 1977. Polar now operates internationally in more than 80 countries. Polar heart rate and fitness assessment technology delivers unparalleled insight into the human body from valuable training guidance and feedback, to enabling individuals to improve their fitness level and sports performance. Polar technology is key to the success of leading fitness facilities, athletic teams, corporate wellness facilities, health insurance providers and thousands of physical education programs around the world. Today, Polar training computers are the number one choice among consumers worldwide. For more information, visit www.polarusa.com.


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