Kuros Announces Allowance of European Patent for Synthetic Biomaterials

June 20, 2011

ZURICH, June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Kuros Biosurgery AG, a biotechnology company focused on the development
of novel biomaterials and bioactive-biomaterial combination products for
trauma, wound and spinal indications, announced today the allowance of
European Patent Application 00910049 by the European Patent Office. This now
allowed patent application is a key component of a broad portfolio of
applications and patents designed to protect Kuros’ synthetic biomaterial
(matrix) technologies and its product candidates which utilise this
technology. This novel synthetic matrix platform is a key source of
innovative products which will be important to Kuros’ future successful

Kuros is developing a portfolio of biomaterial, and
bioactive-biomaterial combination, products. The company’s product
candidates are based on two different matrix technology platforms; synthetic
or fibrin matrices. Kuros’ most advanced product candidate based on its
synthetic technology is Kuros’ dural sealant product candidate (KUR-023)
which is currently undergoing clinical evaluation in Europe. Kuros intends
that this clinical study will enable CE marking in Europe.

Kuros’ most advanced products are based on a fibrin matrix and include
KUR-111 and KUR-113 which have achieved positive results in Phase II trials
for tibial plateau fractures and tibial shaft fractures respectively.

Mr. Didier Cowling [http://www.kuros.ch/cms/front_content.php?idart=51 ],
Chief Executive Officer at Kuros says: “Obtaining the notice of allowance
for this European patent application further builds on Kuros’ proprietary
position around its key synthetic matrix technology platform. This platform
is the basis of a number of Kuros’ novel product candidates and strengthening
the IP position around these candidates adds significant value.”

The now allowed claims cover broadly Kuros` proprietary method for
forming biomaterials by nucleophilic addition mechanism starting from
functionalized precursor components, such as functionalized PEGs. The claims
cover the biomaterial (synthetic matrix), its method of production, kits for
delivery and several uses. The allowance of the European application follows
the grant of the US applications as patents no. US 7,744,912 and US
7,413,739 which were granted with similar broad claims, as well as the grant
of the Canadian (CA 2,359,318), Mexican (MX 276585) and Australian (AU 773
914) applications.

About Kuros


Kuros is a biotechnology company that is focused on the development of
novel biomaterials and bioactive-biomaterial combination products for
trauma, wound and spinal indications.

Kuros has two biomaterial technology platforms, one based on fibrin
sealants and the other based on its own proprietary synthetic technology
that can mimic fibrin in many of its attributes. These materials can be used
alone or in combination with biologically active molecules.

The synthetic technology is tailorable and allows generation of products
that are delivered as liquids or gels but polymerise, in or on living
tissues, to form materials with different physical properties. For example,
Kuros’ synthetic technology can be utilized to develop products ranging from
an elastic degradeable dural sealant to a strong and non-degradeable bone

Kuros’ combination products are designed to mimic the body’s natural
healing process. The products consist of fusion proteins of naturally
occurring bioactive factors, covalently incorporated into fibrin or
synthetic matrices. The incorporation of the biologically active molecules
into the injectable matrices aims to maximize their activity by retention at
the site of action. Kuros products are designed to combine ease of
application with localized delivery. Kuros has a number of methodologies to
achieve the desired retention and release profiles of the biologically
active molecules.

Kuros’ has a diverse pipeline of product candidates with its most
advanced product candidates being in trauma and wound care.

Since its creation, Kuros has raised over $100 million. The company is
located in Zurich, Switzerland.

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