What Consumers Should Know When Using Pour Gel Products

June 23, 2011

RACINE, Wis., June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The US Consumer Product Safety Commission in cooperation with Napa Home and Garden on Wednesday announced a voluntary recall of the following products:

  • Napafire and FireGel fuel bottles and jugs

This recall is for the Napafire and FireGel bottles and jugs only.

No other gel fuels are involved.

Real Flame, a Racine, Wis.-based company that has sold gel-fueled products for more than two decades, urges that consumers read and follow all labels, instructions and warnings when using Real Flame or any fire-related products.

“We take consumer safety very seriously,” said John Ridgeway, vice president of sales and marketing for Real Flame. “We have sold get-fueled products for nearly 30 years and have an outstanding safety record.”

“Gel-fueled products, just like log fireplaces or any other fire-related products, carry with them the risks associated with fires, but are safe as long as proper care and attention are taken when using the products.”

He urges consumers be aware of the following points and “best practices” to prevent unexpected ignition, fires and potential injuries when using pour gel products and outdoor fireplaces and pots this summer season.

  • As you should with any flammable product such as lighter fluid, torch oil and so on, you should always carefully read all labels, instructions and warnings before using flammable products, Make sure labels and directions dont get thrown away with the packaging.
    • Do NOT add fuel of any sort to any existing fire for any reason. Follow the cool- down directions exactly. Lighting a gel-fueled product before it has properly cooled can result in injury.
    • Real Flame’s pour gel fuel labels clearly call out the fact that they are a fire-related product. Real Flame uses the international symbol for fire on the front along with specific warnings regarding the use of the product.
    • The directions for Real Flame products begin with bold print informing the customer to never add fuel to a reservoir when it’s already burning or hot. The instructions clearly state that the consumer needs to allow our products to cool at least 20 minutes before lighting it again.
    • In case of an accident, consumers should use baking powder or a dry chemical extinguisher to extinguish a gel fuel fire. Do not attempt to pat the fire out or throw water on it.
  • Treat all fire-related products with extreme care and caution. This includes charcoal grills, a wood burning fire, an oil-based torch or any fire-related product. Fire adds a beautiful ambiance to any setting, but if use and care directions are not followed injury can occur.
    • Real Flame works closely with fire departments throughout the United States many times each year to test and approve products for burning at major trade events. This includes: infrared heat testing, stability of product, flame height and risk of injury. Real Flame has an outstanding record with the Chicago, Las Vegas and Atlanta Fire Departments and will continue to work with each for many years to come.

Ridgeway says that consumers should also be aware there are different formulations of pour gel fuel in the marketplace today with different qualities and burning characteristics.

Real Flame Pour Gel

  • The experts at Real Flame recommend ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL (IPA)-based canned or pour gel products.
    • Unlike ethanol-based fuel, IPA-based gel fuel burns with a vivid orange flame, which is easier for a consumer to see. That can help a consumer avoid pouring gel fuel on an existing fire, which can cause the fire to flash or flare. However, extreme care should be taken to ensure the fire is completely out since most fires can become difficult to see toward the end of a burn.
    • Real Flame works closely with its fuel manufacturer, repeatedly testing various formulations of Real Flame’s exclusively blended gel products in its offices and giving the fuel supplier feedback regarding burn characteristics.
    • Our exclusive formulation has been sold in seven countries for close to 30 years, and we have established an outstanding safety record using our IPA-based gel fuel products.
  • Real Flame - Committed to Safety
    • Real Flame has been in the fire-related business for nearly 30 years and has an outstanding record of safety.
    • The company is committed to research and development to ensure products have undergone several steps of testing before they are introduced to consumers. It has worked with independent labs as well as fire departments at major cities.
    • Real Flame has worked with fire-based products for close to 30 years, and has designed and patented some of its own products.

Media Availability

John Ridgeway Vice President Sales and Marketing for Real Flame would be happy to assist any media or retailer in any way to help you better understand this business and answer your customer questions. He is available to conduct in-person, phone and satellite interviews regarding best practices and consumer tips for safe use of fuel gel.

To schedule an interview, please call Lori Richards at (414) 390-5500 or lrichards@muellercommunications.com.

About Real Flame Company

For nearly 30 years Real Flame Company, a division of Jensen Metal Products, has been the leader in the production and sale of gel-fueled fireplaces and accessories. All of its products are manufactured to the highest standards and, of course, safety is the top priority in all of its designs.

Real Flame’s Gel Fuel is an exclusive premium alcohol-based blend that requires no ventilation when burned. No chimney, no gas hookups and no electricity needed.

Tested and approved for indoor and outdoor use, Real Flame Gel Fuel meets all clean air requirements established by both OSHA and the EPA.

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