The Results of a Recent Mass Customer Survey Prove the Bold Claims of a Revolutionary Antiperspirant Product to be True

June 30, 2011

SweatBlock Antiperspirant recently asked its customers “How long does SweatBlock work for you?” and the results of the mass customer survey proved the bold claims of the revolutionary product to be true ““ the one-of-a-kind antiperspirant product works for up to seven days.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) June 29, 2011

SweatBlock Antiperspirant is a revolutionary product that has long stood by its claim that it is effective against excessive sweating for up to seven days. SweatBlock asked 1,000 of its customers the question “How long does SweatBlock work for you?” and the results corroborated the company’s bold claim ““ SweatBlock works for up to seven days.

“The reason for the survey was simple: We were so confident that our 7-day-claim was true that we decided to leave it up to our customers to prove us wrong,” says Austin Graff, a SweatBlock representative. “In the end, we were not surprised that our product kept its word.”

On average, SweatBlock customers testified that the product works for 6.5 days. Amazingly, while the average of 6.5 days of dryness trumps any other antiperspirant on the market, the survey also revealed that the product was effective for many other customers for up to 14 days.

There are many consumer products that make loose claims and empty promises, but SweatBlock is glad to have put its reputation on the line and proud to have had its customers confirm the truth. The results are in and a mass customer survey has proved that SweatBlock is a one-of-a-kind antiperspirant that will help you stop sweating for up to seven days.

About SweatBlock – SweatBlock was born when a renowned chemist sought a solution for his own sweat problem. A decade of testing and tweaking the formula has produced the best option available to stop the excessive sweating. Today SweatBlock has helped thousands of people solve their excessive perspiration problems (check out the testimonials). If you’re looking to stop the sweat and are hesitant about prescriptions, Botoxâ“¢, surgeries, or expensive “all natural” fixes, give SweatBlock a dry run.


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