Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Sands, Now Uses Sedation Dentistry Techniques for the Comfort of his Patients

July 5, 2011

LOS ANGELES, July 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands, DDS, has a reputation for his use of technological advancements in dentistry. Patient comfort is a large part of the total dental experience and Dr. Sands is making sure that his patients receive the highest level of comfort during treatment. By including sedation dentistry in his practice, Dr. Sands is now making it possible for any patient that experiences anxiety or fear of discomfort to relax during general and cosmetic procedures.

Every person needs regular preventative dental care to help resist the growth of cavities or the onset of gum diseases like gingivitis. For most patients, relaxing and patiently waiting through a dental procedure is routinely easy. Patients that have anxiety about dental treatments, dental instruments or certain sounds emitted during procedures find a routine visit not so easy. Thanks to dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Sands, patients now enjoy total relaxation.

Some of the most recognizable smiles in the world used to have flaws and imperfections. Many people experience some type of issue with their teeth that requires cosmetic restoration to create a more appealing smile. Cosmetic dentistry has made it possible for many people to realize a new and improved smile. The placement of dental veneers, fixed porcelain bridge, dental implants and cosmetic teeth whitening are provided by Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sands, to give patients the wow factor of a bright and cosmetically perfect smile.

Through the use of cosmetic dentistry, more people are realizing that they do not have to live with the current condition of their smile. Straighter, whiter and more attractive smiles are a reality from Dr. Sands, cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles.

About Dr. Sands, Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles

Dr. Sands earned his reputation as a celebrity dentist by creating and maintaining some of the most famous smiles in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Dr. Sands is passionate about cosmetic dentistry and the results are displayed in the remarkable smiles he creates for his patients.

For more information about Dr. Sands, visit http://www.bestlosangelesdentist.com. You can call 310.273.0111 or visit their office at 414 N. Camden Drive, Suite 940, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

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