July 5, 2011

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Expanded Online Education Resources for Families, Parents and Organizations

CHICAGO, July 5, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment today announces a major enhancement to RecoverGateway.org, which provides an expanded offering of educational materials related to drug and alcohol prevention. The new Tools & Resources section offers in-depth information for parents, families, teens and adults on all facets of substance abuse treatment and related issues. The new Community Education section offers information on how schools, faith-based and community organizations can arrange for free substance abuse prevention workshops that relate to topics such as "What to look for related to the signs and symptoms of alcohol or drug abuse," "How to talk to someone if you think they need drug or alcohol treatment" and other educational topics.

The site was designed in direct response to Gateway's consumer research into what family members and parents are looking for when it comes to substance abuse treatment. The new site is part of Gateway's current expansion efforts that leverage more than 40 years of experience in providing alcohol and drug treatment. Gateway wants to provide organizations and businesses with easily accessible information that answers questions about alcohol and drug abuse prevention, symptoms, and related treatment options.

As Illinois' leading provider of substance abuse treatment for adults and teenagers, Gateway Foundation has a higher successful treatment completion rate compared to other alcohol and drug treatment providers in Illinois. And when surveyed, 9 of 10 Gateway alumni state they would refer a family member or friend to Gateway for treatment, if needed. These facts speak to the high level of expertise Gateway counselors and doctors have when it comes to helping people better understand substance abuse and how to treat it.

"When it comes to substance abuse problems and treatment, parents and family members have a lot of questions, understandably they don't know exactly what to do to help someone," says Kym Vasey, Gateway Foundation Marketing Manager. "Gateway is committed to using our expertise and experience to answer those questions and helping individuals understand the first step in order to begin the treatment and the recovery process. Our expanded educational resources provide visitors with a more engaging channel to learn about Gateway, our team of experts, substance abuse and recovery."

Highlights of the New Educational Resources:

Signs and Symptoms: Information to help people understand the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse, marijuana, club drugs, heroin and other dangerous drugs.

Parents Toolkit: Resources to help parents understand what they can do, how to talk to their teenager about drug abuse and more.

Mental Health Issues: Understanding dual-diagnosis or co-occurring mental health issues and how they can relate to substance abuse .

Who Needs Treatment: Tools devoted individually to Men, Women, Adolescents and Teens with insights into Gateway's capabilities and expertise.

About Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment is Illinois' largest provider of substance abuse treatment, providing services for adolescents and adults at treatment centers throughout Illinois and close to St. Louis, MO. As an organization, Gateway Foundation has treated over 425,000 people and currently helps more than 29,000 individuals a year reclaim productive healthy lives. Gateway Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of the people we treat. An in-network provider for most health insurance plans Gateway accepts fees for service and also provides treatment to individuals who may be eligible for services funded in whole, or in part, by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

For more information please call 877-321-RECOVER (877-321-7326), or visit us at: RecoverGateway.org

SOURCE Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment