July 6, 2011

Survey Confirms Fatigue Is Number 1 Daily Diabetic Challenge

BOCA RATON, Fla., July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A survey of over 8000 people with diabetes confirmed that fatigue is their number 1 daily challenge. 85% of respondents complained that fatigue makes it difficult to get through their day. Diabetica Research Solutions, Inc. (DRSI) www.drsi-inc.com commissioned the study to identify important issues affecting lives of people with diabetes.

Many respondents use sugary beverages including soda and energy drinks to obtain energy. These beverages rank third on a recent Harvard School of Public Health weight gain study behind potato chips and french fries. Weight gain is a problem that diabetics battle daily, and may add significantly to health care costs.

Only 6% noted they use energy drinks, perhaps because most are aware that caffeine, sugar, herbal stimulants and other ingredients may be unhealthy options.

Dr. Richard Corlin, Chairman DRSI Diabetes Advisory Board said, "Living with diabetes is a constant challenge. Chronic fatigue may be symptomatic of the disease and can make it difficult for someone with diabetes to be active enough to control weight and properly self-manage their disease. People with poorly controlled diabetes are often dehydrated and Vitamin B depleted. These can be significant factors causing fatigue."

DRSI's flagship product, ReStore! Energy(TM) is the energy formula specifically developed for people with diabetes. It's all natural, mega-B Vitamin formula helps provide long lasting balanced energy with no caffeine, no sugar, no calories, and low carbs.

McCarthy Hanger, Chairman DRSI said, "ReStore! Energy(TM) addresses problems of Vitamin B depletion and dehydration in people with diabetes to break the cycle of fatigue, and provide energy needed to better manage their symptoms. With moderate adjustments to diet and exercise, diabetics can significantly lower risk of life-threatening problems and live a complete life. A recent United Healthcare study concluded that losing only 10% of body mass, diabetics can greatly decrease health problems and lower personal health care costs."

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Diabetica Research Solutions, Inc. is a private, consumer healthcare company committed to help people live better every day with diabetes. ReStore! Energy(TM) is its flagship product. DRSI's mission is to inspire people with diabetes to live active, healthy lives in which everything is possible.

SOURCE Diabetica Research Solutions, Inc.