July 7, 2011

World’s First Gay Male Naked Therapist Is Now Accepting Clients

NEW YORK, July 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SarahWhiteTherapy.com is pleased to announce that Randy Hastings, the world's first gay male Naked Therapist-in-Training, has joined her practice. Randy, who is based in Los Angeles, is now offering Naked Therapy sessions, both via webcam and in-person. Naked Therapy is a form of talk therapy that integrates client arousal into the therapeutic context in order to facilitate deeper insights and discussions. This arousal is facilitated by the Naked Therapist in a number of ways, though it usually involves the therapist getting naked.

As a Naked-Therapist-in-Training, Randy will undergo the same training process as other Naked Therapists in Ms. White's practice. This process includes a reading syllabus of core psychotherapeutic texts, response papers (done as blog posts), weekly update reports, consultations with Ms. White, and session transcript reviews. Once the training is completed - generally within a year - Randy will be licensed in Naked Therapy and join the practice as a Naked Therapist.

According to Randy, he became interested in studying and practicing Naked Therapy as a result of his past experiences: "I am very interested in psychology, and have been in therapy at a couple of different junctures in my own life. I always found therapy productive and insightful because I was willing to bare it all. Now, as a therapist, I hope to do the same thing in order to encourage my clients to feel more comfortable with themselves."

As Randy points out, "for many people, the idea of getting naked is embarrassing. It's fine if the lights are off, or if you are the only one in the room. But if there's somebody else around, many people feel afraid and/or extremely uncomfortable. But to me nudity is a natural human condition. I believe that many of us just need to adjust our thinking about it."

One of the core principles of Naked Therapy is based on the assertion that in our sex-saturated Internet world, traditional therapy methods are irrelevant. With so many sexual opportunities, people more and more need to learn to integrate their rational selves with their aroused selves so they don't engage in self-destructive and uncontrollable acts of "arousal frenzy."

But Naked Therapy is a form of therapy that is made to deal with any of the problems regular therapy deals with. "Just like in traditional therapy, we talk about the client, his issues, his worries, his concerns, and we work together to make him happier and more self-realized. Only difference is, there's nakedness involved, and this means arousal, and Naked Therapy sees that as a good thing. We need to be comfortable being aroused, and we need to practice making that arousal experience a valuable and insightful, not a banal and degrading, one."

What does Randy hope to achieve by becoming a Naked Therapist? "My life experiences thus far have been guiding me towards a career that is more about helping others. I believe that by becoming a Naked Therapist, I can fulfill that desire. Especially for the gay male community."

Randy can be reached at [email protected]


Randy Hastings, Naked Therapist-in-Training
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