July 11, 2011

EffRx Announces Issuance of US Patent Providing Further Protection to EX101, Effervescent Alendronate Weekly Dosing Form

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

EffRx Pharmaceuticals SA, an Epalinges/Lausanne, Switzerland based drug
delivery company, announces that US patent 7,964,212 was issued on June 21,
2011, enhancing the protection of EX101.

This patent grants significant additional Intellectual Property
concerning the EffRx Lead Program, EX101 (70 mg effervescent alendronate for
the treatment of osteoporosis).

The extended range of intellectual property in this patent protects
effervescent formulations of all the orally administered bisphosphonate
osteoporosis medications including risedronate and ibandronate, when
delivered in the highly buffered EX101 formulation. The formulation is
unique in that it delivers the bisphosphonate to the stomach in a
proprietary buffered solution which prevents exposure of the stomach or
esophagus to strongly acidified bisphosphonate forms, which are believed to
be damaging forms of this drug class.

Additional claims related to the buffering composition and method of
manufacturing were also granted.

An NDA for EX101 has been filed by the FDA. Nycomed has licensed EX101
for territories outside the United States, Canada and Japan, and the product
is in registration in many countries.

"There are more and more reports around the world that generic
alendronate products have even more GI-side effect problems and thereby less
patient compliance than branded bisphosphonate products. We strongly believe
that EX101 fills an unmet need of patients, doctors, and payers around the
world since poor compliance leads to escalating health costs due to
osteoporosis related fractures" stated Christer Rosen, Chairman and CEO.

About EffRx

EffRx is a privately held drug delivery technology company specializing
in the utilization of proprietary effervescent technology to develop
formulations that improve efficiency, compliance and convenience of existing
prescription drugs.

For additional information please visit the EffRx website

        Christer Rosen
        Chairman and CEO
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        Marshall Hayward
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