July 12, 2011

Is Your Colon Healthy? Free Colon Health Questionnaire Available Exclusively Through Global Healing Center

HOUSTON, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- There are many lifestyle factors that may negatively affect the health of your colon. Eating an abundance of unhealthy foods, following a sedentary lifestyle, drinking a lot of alcohol and not drinking enough water are all factors that can have a negative effect on your intestinal tract.

This is exactly why Global Healing Center has exclusively made available an in-depth colon health test, which will allow consumers to gain a better understanding of the state of their intestinal health. The simple test consists of twenty seven questions and will only take a couple of minutes to complete.

After all of the questions have been answered, you will be told what "Risk Group" you are in, along with some tips on how you can improve the overall health of your colon. The insight you will receive will not only give you a better idea of how healthy your colon is, but can also help put you back on the path to optimal health.

No matter how healthy you think your colon is, there's always room to make improvements. The best tips anybody can give you, is to eat more organic fresh foods, exercise at least three days a week, drink more water, and take an enzyme and probiotic supplement every day.

Unlike many similar applications online, no email address or purchase is required to review the results of Global Healing Center's colon health test. The only thing required is five minutes of your time.

"With the growing number of colon diseases affecting people these days individuals should take a proactive approach and learn more about the early warning signs of colon malfunction. This free test is a way to learn more about the current health of their colon," says Dr. Edward Group, DC, ND.

Are you ready to learn more about your colon health? Click here to take the colon health quiz.

Global Healing Center is one of the most advanced natural and organic health resources in the world, with their popular colon cleansing product paving the way.

SOURCE Global Healing Center, Inc.