July 19, 2011

Memorial Blood Centers Launches iDonate Interview (SM)

ST. PAUL, Minn., July 19, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Memorial Blood Centers (MBC) today announced the formal launch of an innovative new web-based system that adds convenience and enhanced privacy for blood donors when completing their pre-donation health history. The iDonate Interview (SM) program, for the first time, provides MBC blood donors the opportunity to answer all required health history questions--from the privacy of their home or office on the day of their donation.

"Enhancing the donation experience for our loyal and generous donors is goal #1 at Memorial Blood Centers," said Kris Belanger, Senior Director, Donor Services. "That's why we are so excited to be among just a handful of blood centers in the country to be providing this secure, automated system. We are very aware of the commitment our generous volunteers make whenever they come in to donate blood. They are taking time away from work and family, and we are extremely grateful for their willingness to give. With the launch of iDonate Interview we want to acknowledge our donors' dedication to saving lives and are doing whatever we can to help reduce the total amount of time they are required to spend at their donation appointment."

Safe, secure, and available online 24/7, iDonate Interview is a computer-assisted, self-interview program accessible from any computer with internet access. At a convenient time and place, donors log in to http://www.mbc.org/idonate to review donor education materials and complete a personal health history that determines their eligibility to make a blood donation that day. Once the health history questionnaire has been completed, donors print out a bar-coded receipt that contains their hidden responses and carry it with them to their same-day donation appointment. At any one of MBC's 11 donor centers or community-sponsored blood drives, a MBC staff member will scan the iDonate Interview receipt, review all responses, answer any questions, and verify eligibility.

iDonate Interview includes an audio feature for Internet Explorer users and offers donors the flexibility to skip a question, to review later with a MBC staff member, or navigate back to change a response to an earlier question.

Responses to the same health history questions are required of all donors, whether using iDonate Interview or completing the questionnaire with the assistance of a MBC Collections Specialist at the time of a donation appointment. All blood centers are governed by rules and regulations established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which mandates that the health history interview be completed on the same day the blood donation is made, as a safety measure for both the recipient and the donor.

Please remember that blood donors are always needed. Please call 888-GIVE-BLD today to schedule an appointment.

About Memorial Blood Centers

Memorial Blood Centers has been saving lives for over 60 years as an independent nonprofit supplying life-saving blood to area hospitals and other partners throughout the U.S. Operating 11 donor centers and conducting hundreds of blood drives each month, Memorial Blood Centers also provides comprehensive testing and expert technical services as a national leader in transfusion medicine. For more information, call 888-GIVE-BLD or visit MBC.org.

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