July 27, 2011

E Cigarettes Should Remain on Market, Say Physicians

WAVERLY, Tenn., July 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom has been quoted as stating that they do not believe the electronic cigarette should be removed from the market in that country while regulations are being drawn up.

Electronic cigarettes are one of the most innovative products of the century and while many have acknowledged that fact already, the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom has gone a step further to state that commercial competition for the nicotine replacement therapy industry could very well be a good thing.

"... [I]t is now clearly established that NRT is effective, it should not be necessary to demonstrate cessation efficacy for new NRT formulations. Doing so would simply perpetuate the current market dominance, high prices, and poor product profile of the established major producers," said the RCP in a letter addressed to the United Kingdom's Medicines and Health Regulation Authority.

Pharmaceutical companies have maintained a monopoly on nicotine that is delivered by means other than lit cigarettes since the first NRT products hit the market almost 30 years ago. Other products containing nicotine have surfaced in recent years, however, including nicotine lollipops, candy, and lozenges, but the electronic cigarette starter kit has the advantage of mimicking the feel and action of a cigarette. Unlike traditional NRT, e cigarettes don't have those who use them constantly having nicotine fed into their system.

"We also request that clear, simple and easily achievable standards of dose kinetics and purity are established to encourage new innovation in the nicotine products and new entrants into the nicotine market."

The majority of e cigarette companies that market their products have both quality products and quality customer support as their selling points, so the conformation of the industry to quality standards and packaging regulations would likely be swift. For all the yelling about regulations in the United States, however, no e cigarette company has come out in opposition of regulations, as long as the products are allowed to remain on the market as a whole. Quality standards and making the sale of e cigarettes to minors illegal have also been found to be acceptable among all electronic cigarette retailers and their customers.

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