KORT Physical Therapists Now Certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation

July 30, 2011

Most commonly referred to as vertigo or extreme dizziness, vestibular, or inner ear disorders affect more than 11 million people of all ages each year. KORT Therapists providing help to those with extreme dizziness.

Lexington, KY (PRWEB) July 29, 2011

Most commonly referred to as vertigo or extreme dizziness, vestibular, or inner ear disorders affect more than 11 million people of all ages each year. This severe dizziness greatly affects a person’s quality of life making even the simplest tasks like getting out of bed, getting dressed and preparing a meal difficult.

Barbara Stewart knows all too well the disabling effects of vertigo. One morning not long ago she woke up to find the room was spinning out of control, she was nauseous, and unable to get out of bed. For more than an hour she lay still hoping the dizziness would abate. Barbara had an episode of vertigo years earlier so she knew she needed to find help.

Help came from KORT physical therapist Dr. Robin Harrington who is certified by the American Institute of Balance in the treatment of vestibular disorders. Harrington met with Barbara later that same day at the Springhurst clinic. Barbara was suffering from a vestibular disorder ““ BPPV. (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) BPPV is a common cause of dizziness that can occur at any age, with an increase chance of occurrence as you get older. In a recent study, 9% of a group of urban dwelling seniors were found to have undiagnosed BPPV. This type of chronic dizziness can pose a real danger of balance-related falls especially in the elderly.

Harrington immediately began vestibular rehabilitation therapy with Barbara. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is an exercise-based program designed to help the central nervous system compensate for inner ear deficits and decrease the episodes of dizziness. The individualized treatment plan includes specific head, body, and eye exercises designed to retrain the brain to recognize and process signals from the vestibular system and coordinate them with information from vision and proprioception.

In Barbara’s case, Harrington performed a modified canalith repositioning maneuver, commonly called the Epley maneuver. This maneuver helps move the otolith (or crystals in the ear) out of the ear canal and back to where they belong. Barbara’s debilitating vertigo disappeared within a day and her life quickly returned to normal.

According to Harrington, she and other KORT therapists were recently certified in vestibular rehabilitation by the American Institute of Balance making them specialists in this type of treatment. The extensive training and certification process provided them with the tools to better assess and treat this extremely debilitation disorder.

The following KORT clinics have at least one physical therapist certified by the American Institute of Balance and specialized in vestibular therapy: in Kentucky – Bardstown, Campbellsville, Crestwood, Elizabethtown, Georgetown, Lebanon, Mt. Washington, Nicholasville, Richmond, Shepherdsville, Winchester, Lexington – Beaumont., Brannon Crossing, Bryan station, Hamburg, Tates Creek, Louisville – English station, Fern Creek, Goss Ave., Jeffersontown, Old Brownsboro Crossing, Preston, Shively, Springhurst, Louisville Physical Therapy, and in Indiana, New Albany and Jeffersonville.

For additional clinic information including address and contact phone number, visit http://www.kort.com/locations.

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