Meet Your Mind Draws in a Wider Audience and Guest Speakers

August 2, 2011

The new educational speaking series, Meet your Mind, will be introducing yet another guest speaker to it’s roster this Wednesday, August 3rd from 7pm – 9pm.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 01, 2011

The new educational speaking series, Meet Your Mind, will be introducing yet another guest speaker to it’s roster this Wednesday, August 3rd from 7pm – 9pm. The growing popularity of the series has been taking place at NYC’s ThinkEasy, an educational, personal and professional development center located on the shores of the East River in Brooklyn.

The guest speaker this time around will be James Maskell, CEO of Revive Inc., a Brooklyn-based brand identity and design firm. He will be discussing the psychology of sales and its wider socio-economic implications, as well as teaching practical tools for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Meet Your Mind brings a diverse range of thought leaders to the general public through a series of interviews and talks exploring various aspects of human psychology and behavior. The creator and host of the series is Nathan Ellis, a psychotherapist specializing in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Rational-Living Therapy (RLT) for adolescents, teens and young adults.

Nathan demystifies the alleged taboo around psychotherapy by discussing how techniques successful in mental health treatment can be introduced to the general public as essential human tools. To this end, he walks the audience through the basic premise of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, using presentation, specific case studies and audience participation to illustrate how a person’s perception of events is more important than actual events when it comes to mental health.

“The real gift of cognitive behavioral psychology is its unyielding insistence that experiences in life don’t produce our emotions and behavior,” noted Nathan. “Rather, it’s the thought we believe most about an experience that determines these things.”

Nathan contributes a unique perspective to mental health pathology by tracing modern psychological neuroses to competitive philosophical premises underlying the cultural foundations of human identity, exploring how the traditional Western phenomenon known as the Existential Crisis, which results in items such as alienation, social withdrawal, depression, anxiety, narcissism, interpersonal hostility and suicide is “symptomatic of ancient philosophical assumptions inherited about the world that still influence our basic perception of reality.”

Previous guest speakers include Ralph De La Rosa, a popular mindfulness-meditation teacher in New York City. Ralph began the event with a brief mindfulness-meditation, helping everyone settle into the evening and become present following their New York City commutes and thoughts of the next day. For many in attendance, it was their first time ever attempting meditation.

Nathan and Ralph shared a discussion on the therapeutic nature of Buddhist Psychology, the neuroscience of meditation, and the growing influence of Eastern psychology on Western mental health treatment, notably the clinical application of Mindfulness.

“One view of meditation,” noted Ralph, “is its practical ability to reduce psychological stress and help ground our minds in reality. It’s not an eccentric, esoteric or transcendental experience. It’s simply about becoming fully present with our own humanity, as well as others’.”

Ralph has been teaching non-religious Buddhist practices and principles for the past four years, and is currently finishing his graduate studies in psychotherapy at Fordham University. Ralph’s genuine commitment to the interplay between Western mental health treatment and Buddhist Psychology stems from his own experience cultivating a compassion-based meditation practice to overcome adversity in his youth.

There was an almost magical quality to the evening as dusk settled and fireflies began to appear in the garden. The standing-room-only audience was fully engaged by this collaboration between Nathan and Ralph, and was surprised to discover that this was their first time working together. Their ability to clearly explain, demystify and reveal the interconnectedness between large concepts encouraged the accessibility of the subject matter, and Nathan’s relaxed attitude as host kept the talk spontaneous, balanced and contained.

A local community member shared her impression of this NPR-like Brooklyn upstart, “The way these topics have been explored at these talks has been truly insightful for me, and the space itself is a great addition to the neighborhood.”

More information about the next Meet Your Mind event can be found on Nathan’s website (http://www.nathan-ellis.info) or by searching for “Meet Your Mind: The Psychology of Sales” on Facebook.

On Saturday, September 24th, the event at ThinkEasy NYC will be Maryse Barak hosting a one-day training workshop entitled “Leadership for a Thinking Environment.” Information can be found on Facebook by searching for, “The Master Class – Leadership for a Thinking Environment.”


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