August 2, 2011

MedShape Solutions, Inc. Awarded U.S. Patent for Bone Fracture Fixation Devices

ATLANTA, Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MedShape Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in innovative shape memory orthopedic devices, today announced that it has been granted a patent from the United States Copyright and Patent Office for its innovative shape memory alloy based technology. The patent, U.S. Patent No. 7,985,222, was granted July 26, 2011 for "Osteosynthetic Implants, Methods of Use and Manufacture."

Scientists at MedShape developed the patented technology to address the need for bone fracture repair and joint arthrodesis (fusion) devices that can actively adapt to changes, such as local bone resorption, at the fracture or arthrodesis site. Devices using MedShape's technology feature a responsive zone comprising a shape memory material to apply compressive pressure across the fracture site for longer periods of time than standard bone screws. Sustained compression and maintenance of bony apposition during fracture healing and joint arthrodesis are key factors in achieving successful clinical outcomes.

"At MedShape, we are dedicated to undertaking the basic scientific research and commercial product development necessary to add more effective fixation devices to the surgeons' armamentarium. Our self-adapting, dynamic fixation implants offer performance benefits that may significantly enhance bone healing and positive surgical outcomes for patients with numerous challenging indications," said Ken Gall, chief technical officer for MedShape Solutions, Inc. "The granting of this patent further demonstrates our technology leadership while underscoring our dedication to developing devices that may be inserted using a least invasive technique and that minimize the surgeon's learning curve."

Over 8 million fracture repair procedures are performed globally each year. In 2010, the global market for internal fracture fixation devices exceeded $3.89 billion. Fixation plates, bone screws and intramedullary nails have been identified in recent independent reports as one of the fastest growing segments of the trauma market.

MedShape is developing and commercializing a portfolio of surgical solutions that use its patented shape memory alloy based technology to address the increasing demand for improved trauma products.

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MedShape Solutions, Inc. is a privately held medical device company focused on developing orthopedic devices from proprietary shape memory technology. In June 2010, the company's initial product, the MORPHIX® Suture Anchor, received the prestigious Gold Award at the Medical Device + Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) meeting, based on its superior design and proprietary shape memory polymer. The company also recently launched the shape memory polymer EXOSHAPE® Soft Tissue Fastener for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair. For more information about how MedShape is Shaping the Future of Orthopedics(TM), visit

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