It&ly Hairfashion Beauty Experts Release the Four (4) Leading Causes of Hair Color Fading

August 3, 2011

The beauty industries leading hair color experts at It&ly Hairfashion address the most common problems consumers face today for their after hair color maintenance along with professional and natural solutions.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) August 02, 2011

As a professional hair care and hair color company used on Hollywood’s most popular TV and movie sets, IT&LY HAIRFASHION N.A., Inc. (http://www.italyhairfashion.com), along with Master Colorist and celebrity hairstylist Pasquale Caselle and their team of expert scientists, release the 4 leading causes of hair color fading. With over 77% of beauty salons providing permanent hair color services in the latest 2009 and 2010 American Salon Online Reader Survey, IT&LY Hairfashion has come up with the “key” reasons for this common and unwanted hair problem along with professional and natural solutions to keep your color vibrant longer.

The main causes are:

1.    Shampoo ““ Because a significant percentage of permanent hair color attaches to the outer cuticle layers of the hair, even the gentlest surfactants (surface acting cleansing agents in all shampoos) dislodge or loosen hair color pigment. This action is further supported by the use of hot or warm water that is necessary for proper cleansing but also softens cuticle layers, leaving them less supportive of color pigment when cleansing.

Pasquale recommends rinsing your hair with cool water and using a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for colored hair. If you wash your hair more than 2 times per week, he suggests only shampooing the roots with a specially formulated for color treated hair shampoo followed by a light conditioner, also specially formulated for color treated hair. Plus, add a few drops of tea tree oil to the conditioner: this will keep the hair clean and conditioned as well as keep your hair color from fading.

2.    UV Rays ““ UV rays are the second most damaging contributor to hair color fading. It is important to use products containing advanced UV filters available to protect against UV fading.

Pasquale Caselle, known for his knowledge of natural remedies, suggests the use of products containing Sunflower Extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to protect hair from fading and keep your color vibrant. Since he has a large clientele based in the Caribbean, Pasquale suggests they use a hair protector. IT&LY HAIRFASHION makes a great Thermoactive Fluid with Pasquale recommending that you saturate the hair before sunbathing by either slicking back or twisting tresses into a bun. This way if you are in sun, chlorine or salt water, it will serve as a barrier, helping to condition your hair at the same time. Plus, it is always best to wear a hat when in direct sunlight.

3.    Mechanical & Heat Styling ““ Mechanical and heat styling causes a breakdown of the outer layers. As a healthy cuticle layer seals and protects colors, cuticle abrasion leaves color more vulnerable to each of the remaining three culprits of fading.

Master Colorist Pasquale Caselle recommends giving your hair a break and limiting the use of heated styling tools. When working with hot tools, it is always best to use a thermal protector. This will guard your hair against thermal shock, while improving the condition of the hair and keeping the heat from causing your color to fade. Pasquale loves the new Thermoflat from IT&LY HAIRFASHION because it is great for blow drying the hair straight or using a flat iron as it keeps your tresses sleek until your next shampoo. This product is also a safe alternative to many of the keratin treatments emitting formaldehyde!

4.    Improper Choice of Hairstyling products – This is a leading and often under-emphasized enemy of hair color. Certain cleansing, conditioning and styling products, while delivering specific benefits, wreak havoc on color. Waxes, oils, sprays and even specific botanical ingredients can actually strip color from each strand or impede proper color penetration and hold.

Pasquale endorses the use of products that are specially formulated for color treated hair as they are low in surfactants and will keep your hair color vibrant for a longer period of time. He also recommends, prior to coloring, to cleanse with a chelating shampoo. This will remove any waxes and/or product build- up from styling products. It will also help to ensure a more vibrant and longer lasting color. Also, be selective with your hairspray choice as some can have a high alcohol content which will strip your hair color.


IT&LY HAIRFASHION http://www.italyhairfashion.com is a professional hair care company known throughout Hollywood as the must have styling products, hair color products for their actors and actresses appearing on the sets of Sex and the City 2, The Twilight Sagas, Burlesque, Gossip Girl, 90120, Dancing with the Stars, and America’s Got Talent just to name a few.


About Pasquale Caselle:

Born and raised in Toronto, Pasquale received his training in Toronto and then moved to Italy. He has travelled the world considering himself as a citizen of the world. His editorial work has graced the pages of magazines around the world. He has also appeared on numerous television shows with dramatic make-overs. Pasquale has created individual looks for “Miss Italy”, “Miss Universe”, “Canadian Bridal Shows” and Miami Fashion Week.

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