AirMed International Completes Successful International Transport of U.S. Embassy Worker

August 9, 2011

Leading U.S. air ambulance AirMed International recently completed a complicated 26-hour transport from central Asia to the United States to save a young man suffering from a widely undiagnosed and potentially fatal condition.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (PRWEB) August 08, 2011

Leading U.S. air ambulance company AirMed International excels in international life-saving flights and recently completed a 26 hour transport from central Asia to the United States to save a young man suffering from a widely undiagnosed and potentially fatal condition.

Throughout its history AirMed (airmed.com) has conducted more than 18,000 missions to over 150 countries and has become known as one of the leaders in successful, long-distance medical flights. An FAA approved carrier with worldwide operating authority and an accredited U.S. Department of Defense air carrier, AirMed remains one of the only air medical companies able to perform complicated international flights involving critically ill patients of all ages.

Recently, AirMed completed an international transport that involved a 40 year old U.S. Embassy worker with a blood clot in his lower leg, a life threatening condition that sometimes goes undiagnosed until it is too late. Blood clots in the lower extremities (also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT) are caused by many factors including injury to the lower leg, immobility or sitting still for prolonged periods of time, such as those times associated with long distance traveling by air or car, or as a side effect to some medications just to name a few. Left untreated, they may occlude circulation to the affected extremity causing major damage or they can travel through the body in a matter of minutes/hours causing stroke, lung damage or respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest and even death.

Kirk Bradham of Missouri passed a complete physical before he began his job at the U.S. Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic. As a State Department employee, he was also required to purchase medical evacuation coverage before he left for his overseas duties. “Having searched for medevac coverage with other providers and/or brokers of medevac services, I quickly realized that the services offered by AirMed could not be matched by the other competitors,” Bradham recalled. In his late 30s and in good general health when he bought the AirMed membership, Bradham never expected to see the AirMed card again once he placed it in his wallet.

Just months later, Mr. Bradham began suffering from severe lower leg pain. After a week went by and the pain did not subside, his wife convinced him to go see a doctor. He was diagnosed with DVT, a blood clot in the lower right leg. A transport to another hospital in the United States so that he could receive proper treatment was imminent. “The U.S. Embassy nurse contacted AirMed as they considered a blood clot to be a potentially life threatening condition that required immediate attention as well as the fact that I had almost no blood supply to my right foot due to the blockage,” Bradham said. He was hospitalized temporarily at a military facility while the embassy nurse contacted AirMed, who was quickly en route to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Bradham and his wife boarded the AirMed Hawker medical jet for their 26 hour flight back to the United States. The Hawker 800 is larger than typical medical aircraft and in most cases provides room enough for a spouse or loved one to travel with the patient. Bradham said, “The ability to have your spouse travel with you is a great benefit that should not be overlooked when you are dealing with a medical condition and all the stress that comes with it. It was such a valuable benefit that I would suggest everyone who is searching for a medical evacuation plan insist on it being included.”

Once at the hospital in Missouri, two surgeries performed with micro-incisions were required along with blood thinning medication to remove the clot completely from Mr. Bradham’s leg.

Because he was an AirMed member, Bradham’s cost for the air ambulance transport, the medical team who flew with him, and the ground transportation to and from the hospital was zero dollars. Upon hearing the cost would have approached $140,000 if he had not been an AirMed member, Bradham noted, “When you consider how much the AirMed membership cost against the price tag of a medical evaluation and considering the level of service that was provided, I would say even a first year business student would advise you that your ROI (return on investment) is extremely high. It is one membership that you can not afford to travel or live abroad without.”

“My advice is simple: prepare for the worst and choose the best,” Bradham continued. “Choose a solid, tested company that will stand beside you throughout the whole ordeal, a company that stays focused on the goal, which is getting you safely back home to a medical facility that can treat you. After my experience, I can honestly say that AirMed is the only company that I want with me and my loved ones.”

Mr. Bradham is recuperating in his home state of Missouri and will return to his post at the U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyz once his recovery is complete.

About the air ambulance company AirMed International

AirMed International is the country’s leading air ambulance company, offering unparalleled medical care and bedside-to-bedside transportation on a worldwide basis. AirMed’s membership program, known as AirMed Traveler, gets you back home if you are hospitalized while traveling more than 150 miles from home. There are no co-pays, no deductibles, and no pre-existing condition clauses. AirMed has been chosen as air medical transport for the nation’s leading hospitals, including the renowned Mayo Clinic, and is a contracted carrier for the U.S. Department of Defense. For more information about AirMed International, see our website at http://www.airmed.com.


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