Dr. Sam Jejurikar of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute Discusses the Increasing Popularity of Post-Pregnancy Mommy Makeovers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

August 9, 2011

Dallas Mommy Makeovers are being performed more and more frequently in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Dr. Sam Jejurikar, board certified plastic surgeon at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, discusses the various procedures that can make up a mommy makeover.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 08, 2011

You’ve undoubtedly heard the ubiquitous catchphrase summarizing combined surgical procedures designed to address post-maternity breast and body deformities: Mommy Makeovers. So what exactly is it?

Mommy makeovers involve a combination of breast surgery, most commonly breast augmentation, breast lift, or both, and body contouring procedures, usually a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and liposuction. The procedures are combined into one surgical setting to minimize downtime after surgery and to reduce overall costs. Dr. Sam Jejurikar, a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, says he has seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of moms seeking out these procedures over the past year.

“Mommy makeovers have become a recognized part of our vocabulary,” says Dr. Jejurikar. “Patients come in knowing that they can have multiple procedures at once to fix the majority of cosmetic problems that develop after pregnancy.”

Although mommy makeover is one term, the specifics of the procedure vary significantly from patient-to-patient. Dr. Jejurikar stresses that pregnancy affects all women differently and, as a result, the needs of each patient are different. Some women have significant separation of their abdominal wall muscles with extra skin and need a tummy tuck to correct this. Other patients may only have mild fat accumulation that can be addressed with liposuction or a mini-tummy tuck. Some have prominent saddlebags or inner thigh fat; these areas often need liposuction for optimal correction.

In addition, Dr. Jejurikar stresses that pregnancy has vastly different effects on different women’s breasts. Most women lose volume from breasts, particularly from the upper portion, as well as develop some breast sagginess as the breast supporting ligaments become progressively stretched. For those women whose primary problem is droopiness, the best solution is a mastopexy or breast lift, in which the nipple and areola (pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) are lifted on the breast and the breast tissue is re-shaped and tightened. For those women who complain only on loss of breast volume, placement of saline breast implants or silicone breast implants to restore the volume lost with pregnancy or breastfeeding achieves the optimal results. Some women need both breast augmentation and breast lift to allow them to achieve their desired bust size and to reverse their droopiness. And, in some cases, women who were large busted before pregnancy develop such sagginess after surgery that they begin to experience significant back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain, requiring them to have a breast reduction.

Given the complexity involved in recognizing the anatomic problems of each patient, Dr. Jejurikar stresses the need to see a surgeon who is highly experienced and well trained. Says Dr. Jejurikar, “Make sure your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Many surgeons offering mommy makeovers are not plastic surgeons and your results or safety may suffer as a result.” Dr. Jejurikar stresses that each mommy makeover he performs is done is a fully accredited surgical facility and utilizes experienced and well-trained nursing staff, board-certified anesthesiologists, and, of course, a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Jejurikar performs tummy tuck surgery, breast augmentation, breast lift (mastopexy), breast reduction and liposuction as part of his mommy makeover procedures at surgery centers and hospitals in Plano and Dallas, TX. He has convenient office locations in both Dallas and Plano. Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and can be contacted via telephone at 214-827-2814 or via the Internet.


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