August 9, 2011

NBC’s TODAY Show Features Wick’em Bra Liners in ‘Beat the Heat’ Segment – It’s a New Way to Wear a Bra

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor for the TODAY Show, picked the Wick'em Bra Liner as a smart solution to "Beat the Heat." This is the second time the Wick'em products have been featured on the TODAY Show.

Bobbie's advice: "For all of my girlfriends with 'girlfriends,' the washable Wick'em Bra Liner is a smart solution for dreaded chest sweat."

According to Donna Frye, President of Wick'em LLC, the company has doubled their revenue in the past year, due in part to national media attention, as well as repeat customers and customers telling their friends about how well the Wick'em products work.

Frye reports, "With the nationwide heat wave this summer, we have seen a huge increase in orders from women who desperately need help solving problems caused by under-breast sweat. In order to alleviate suffering for even more women, we are currently in talks with a leading bra accessory distributor to get Wick'em Bra Liners into retail stores and make them more accessible. Expect an announcement soon!"

"Wick'em," she says, "receives daily emails and letters from women customers thanking me for developing the product. This recent email is a typical example of customer response:"

"We are experiencing a heat wave so these have been so wonderful! My underwire bras feel so comfortable with your Wick'ems underneath.... They are exactly what I needed but didn't realize how much till I tried them. I'm hooked. Thank you, D."

More testimonials can be found on the company's website at

Detailed product information and instructional videos are on Wick'em LLC website at The company is also active on Facebook and Twitter

About Wick'em LLC

Aliso Viejo, California-based Wick'em LLC serves women worldwide by providing an affordable, non-chemical, non-prescription solution to skin irritation in the breast area. Often, these problems can be caused by breast cancer treatments, by perspiration paired with skin-to-skin contact, or by bras (especially underwires) rubbing against sensitive skin.

Wick'em recommends that all women who experience rashes and irritation in or around the breast area first consult with their physician, as these can sometimes be symptoms of serious conditions.

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Donna Frye, President
Wick'em LLC

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