August 16, 2011

The Cost of Getting the Flu

(Ivanhoe Newswire)--Rapid diagnosis can not only save lives but also relieve the great economic burden of the flu. According to a recent study, the total annual burden of the flu epidemic amounts to more than $80 billion as of 2007. The sooner the patient seeks medical attention and is diagnosed, the sooner treatment will begin and less money will be spent on continuous testing. In the past, doctors only performed diagnostic tests that were usually slow and accurate or fast and inaccurate. Nanosphere connects these two worlds by providing a test that is both fast and gives very accurate results.

Nanosphere, Inc. is a nanotechnology-based, molecular diagnostic company that has developed this better and less costly approach to testing. The technology enables flu tests to be performed at the site of patient care as requested by the physician and generates critical diagnostic information where and when it is required. This life saving test can therefore save patients hundred, or even thousands, of dollars and can be easily integrated into mainstream medical care without additional financial burden.

SOURCE: U.S Distribute; August 15, 2011