August 17, 2011

‘Last One In Is Still a Lucky Dog!’

SPRINGFIELD, Va., Aug. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Olde Towne Pet Resort (OTPR) -- a "Day Spa & Hotel" for dogs and cats providing numerous boarding services and amenities -- boasts a four-foot deep, 20-foot long indoor heated lap pool for movement therapy, exercise, and for fun and games for water-loving dogs as well as for dogs in need of water therapy due to injury, surgery or limited mobility, pain or age-related physical restrictions.

"While most might walk by our pool and simply see one of our staff members in the water with one of our dog guests, the water activity we offer here is much more involved than merely swimming," says Sadaf Atashbarghi, Marketing Manager for OTPR's Springfield and Dulles locations. "What most may not realize is the level of detail related to water play and exercise. For example, all dogs wear special life-jackets. Additionally, your dog's attendant guides your pet into the pool on our ramp."

Beyond the detail of the swimming gear and the process for pool entry, Atashbarghi also points out the pool water is ionized regularly. "This is done so that any harsh chemicals in the pool water will not dry out your dog's skin and coat." After swimming, Atashbarghi adds, the OTPR attendant brushes out and dries the dog's coat as well.

Dog owners can choose from two water-related activities: Hydrotherapy and Hydro Workouts


For dogs suffering from arthritis, joint pain or limited mobility, OTPR's Hydrotherapy Swimming could be the answer to a healthier, better life for your dog. Swimming allows all areas of the body the benefit of exercise without putting impact or stress on joints. Swimming improves cardio-vascular and respiratory fitness and stamina while avoiding high-impact damage to joints, ligaments and tendons.

Hydro Workouts

Swimming is an excellent way to condition dogs! OTPR's Hydro Workouts consist of building muscle tone without causing wear and tear on a dog's joints and most importantly, providing dogs with the exercise they need. After just a few weeks of this excellent cardiovascular activity, dog owners will notice a difference in their dog's behavior while minimizing the risks of sprains and muscle fatigue.

Dog owners wanting to monitor their dogs' progress during Hydrotherapy or Hydro Workout sessions have the ability to view their dogs via Olde Towne Pet Resort's live pool PetCamp which can be accessed by visiting

"At OTPR, whether your pet is there for day camp, swimming, grooming or boarding, the amount of love and level of care given to your four legged family member is exactly what you would want - I guarantee it! Both of my pups, Harley and Leo, learned how to swim there thanks to the competent pool staff," says Cathy Bennett, a regular at the Olde Towne Pet Resort. "Their expertise and trained skill-sets gave the dogs an enjoyable water lesson experience, which made our summer vacations at the beach magical."

For all inquiries pertaining to boarding reservations at Olde Towne Pet Resort's Springfield and Dulles facilities, please call 703.455.9000 or 571.434.3300.

About Olde Towne Pet Resort

For 9 years, the Olde Towne Pet Resort (OTPR) has provided quality boarding and spa services for dogs and cats in Fairfax County. Based in Springfield, Virginia, OTPR is known to spare no detail to ensure the utmost of comfort, safety and joy for its customers' pets. OTPR's upcoming Dulles, Virginia pet resort facility is presently scheduled to open to the public by October 1, 2011. For more information about OTPR, please visit

About Cathy Bennett, Harley & Leo

Just a normal family with two exceptional Golden Doodles - affectionately called "The Boys". A cross between a Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle, the combination has proven to be a match definitely made in heaven. Harley is 2.5 years old and smaller than his brother Leo, a brand new 1 year old. For those who either own and love their dog, once owned and miss their dog, would enjoy reading about their antics, day camp moments, or helpful hints I've learned along the way- this blog is for you. To learn more and enjoy the hilarious adventures of HARLEO - two of the grooviest golden doodles around, please visit

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