August 17, 2011

It’s Back to School Time for Head Lice

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- New backpacks are not the only thing many students will be carrying on the first day of school. Head lice attach themselves to children's heads randomly and often go undetected from summer activities such as camps, playgrounds or sports teams. But they do not go away on their own and parents often are at a loss for a fix. Hair Fairies full-service clinical salons are devoted to lice removal, and go to work to evaluate, treat and eliminate lice with a 100% guarantee of success. The company is offering a $30 initial screening.

"We had wasted time, money and patience on over-the-counter treatments that didn't work," said Patricia Caplan, San Francisco mother of two. "The lice spread from my daughter to my son and me. Hair Fairies dispelled the myths about lice, gave me a thorough education on how we would be treated and what to expect. I'm so glad to get this behind us before the kids start a new school year. I would feel so bad if they were the carriers of lice to their classes."

Kyle Vuong, manager of Hair Fairies' San Francisco salon, says "There's no way around it, lice removal is manual work. It takes some time. Our trained salon professionals usually treat clients in efficient sessions of one to three hours, depending upon the client's condition. Most parents do not have the bandwidth or training to do that on their own."

Hair Fairies has a high success rate because they have a three-step process proven over more than a decade. First, they evaluate the stage of infestation, then physically "nit-pick" the active lice and eggs from the head, and provide treatment to condition the scalp and discourage immediate re-infestation. This is done using all-natural, non-toxic shampoos, combs and rinses developed and produced in the company's laboratory in Riverside, Calif.

"Lice are an epidemic that gets worse each year," says Hair Fairies CEO Maria Botham. "About three percent of students have lice at any given time, so the odds for coming in contact with lice are more common than many parents realize. As the pioneers in this service, we have perfected not only products but also techniques that work. We are the safe solution for frantic families."

For parents who want to treat lice at home, Hair Fairies provides its products and instructions for purchase online. They also offer free lice identification from an e-mailed photo. In addition, the company provides in-school examinations and information sessions.

Hair Fairies salons are located in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Most insurance companies approve at least partial payment of Hair Fairies treatments that also qualify for Flexible Spending Accounts, a validation of the treatments' success. For more information about Hair Fairies, including its at-home program, visit

SOURCE Hair Fairies