Introducing iAgeSmart: The Newest Revolution To Be Healthy and Live Longer.

August 18, 2011

Nine unique ingredients combined into one powerful multivitamin recently hit the healthy-aging market. Find out exactly what effect each ingredient has on the body in order to be healthy and live long.

(PRWEB) August 17, 2011

Although the aging process is something that people have no control over ““ per say – there are known ways to deter the dreaded concept of getting older. As we already know, experts attribute exercise and a healthy diet to aid in aging, but by the time many people realize the importance it may be too late. However, a new proactive multivitamin created by iAgeSmart has been recently introduced in late July of 2011 that can alleviate and aid in the fight against age-related illnesses.

     “I couldn’t sit by and watch my loved ones deteriorate,” explained Ms. Williams, whose father and employer both were diagnosed with cancer and whose grandmother suffered from dementia. “Their suffering was the fuel and inspiration behind my strong desire and purpose to help others who have relatives and friends who need extra immune system support and supplementation. I want everyone to have the same chance to be healthy and live longer.”

     So what’s in this new super multivitamin that makes it so effective? :

1.    Turmeric: helps to prevent the loss of cognitive functions as we age, as well as supports circulation/blood vessel health. It is a natural liver detoxifier as well as a protector against free radical damage.*

2.    OPC Blend (Pine Bark, Grape Skin and Grape Seed Extracts): helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels weakened by age or disease, relieves computer eye strain and helps return flexibility in skin and joints. It also helps in fighting high blood pressure and swelling.*

3.    Coenzyme Q10: Aids in energy production of major organs the heart, brain, liver, muscles, kidney and pancreas. Also supports healthy heart rhythm, gum and tooth health, immunity and stamina.*

4.    Green Tea Extract: helps to support cholesterol levels within normal ranges and supports skin health by encouraging new skin cell growth. Aids in detoxification functions in the small intestines, as well as supports proper functioning of the immune system.*

5.    Alpha Lipoid Acid (ALA): helps the body cope with oxidative stress, which is associated with disease, and improves the number and activity of immune cells within the body. It also neutralizes skin free radicals to deter collagen and elastin damage that causes wrinkles.*

6.    Astaxanthin: Powerful antioxidant that improves blood flow, cardiovascular functions, skin suppleness, muscle endurance/recovery and reduces muscle damage. It also helps reduce plaque buildup in arteries and it is 550x more potent than Vitamin E.*

7.    Rosemary Extract: helps to protect skin and brain cells from free radicals and preserves DNA while eliminating toxins for improved liver efficiency.*

8.    N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): A powerful antioxidant and amino acid used to decongest lungs and provide immune system support. Relieves oxidative stress and mucus in respiratory tract.*

9.    Gotu Kola Extract: Enhances memory and mental performance while strengthening blood vessels and improving circulation in the lower legs.*

     iAgeSmart’s carefully chosen nutrients are already receiving rave reviews online, with one Mom blogger saying; “What has drawn me to the iAgeSmart multivitamin is the formula of nine powerful antioxidants. I am sold on the whole prevention versus treatment mentality and would rather offset something before it hits me.” 1

     With millions of other people who share the same mindset, this brand new “be healthy” multivitamin is a “Ëœhealthy aging’ newcomer to keep an eye on because of its ability to augment the body’s healthy aging process without covering up the underlying conditions.

     The company is also contributing to Vitamin Angels with every sale, an organization that helps reduce child mortality around the globe by connecting kids and babies with essential nutrients. Every bottle helps fund nutritional support for at least four needy children for an entire year.

For more information watch the corporate video or go online to the company website at http://www.iagesmart.com. Jessica Williams is available for interviews or questions via: info(at)iagesmart(dot)com.

1 ““ cited site: http://www.healthbeautychildrenandfamily.com/2011/08/iagesmart-launches-new-multivitamin-to.html

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