August 18, 2011

Lunch Box Safety Study Gives a Boost to Innovative Cooling Technology

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Aug. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of the recent American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) study regarding lunchbox safety, released last week in their journal, Pediatrics, one company's sales have grown. Fridge-to-go®, a brand of lunch bags and other portable cooling totes that promise "all day cooling without ice or ice packs," has seen a dramatic increase in sales.

The AAP study of 705 insulated lunch bags showed that more than 90% of the lunch items inside the bags were at unsafe temperatures 1.5 hours before consumption and thus, ripe for bacteria formation, even when multiple ice packs were used.

This alarming statistic has sent consumers looking for other alternatives, a situation from which Fridge-to-go® is benefiting. "We have seen sales spike since the announcement," says Gerri Sapinoso Hudson of Distribusa, Fridge-to-go's® U.S. distributor. "We are still fairly new to the market, and many people don't yet know about Fridge-to-go® totes." Fridge-to-go's® patented technology maintains refrigerator-cold temperatures inside the totes for up to 12 hours without ice packs, ice, or batteries. A recent independent laboratory test of a Fridge-to-go® medicine carrier showed that the contents' temperature fell to 1.7 degrees C (35.1 degrees F) from 5.8 degrees C (42.4 degrees F) in the first hour, and did not rise above 4 degrees C (39.2 degrees F) until after five hours. "The same technology is applied across the entire product line, including our lunch models," says Sapinoso Hudson. "People are doing their research and finding us." Fridge-to-go®'s Surround Cooling(TM) technology is integrated into the design of the totes. The bags fold up and store in the freezer to "charge." Some models feature removable panels.

Fridge-to-go®'s Lunch Fridge Medium is a recent award-winner, receiving the PTPA Media (Parent-Tested Parent Approved) seal of approval after undergoing real-life parent testing. Fridge-to-go® totes are available on and other online retailers.

About Fridge-to-go®

Fridge-to-go® is a brand of innovative, patented portable cooling totes pioneered by avid golfer and inventor, Dr. Jackson C.S. Chan. Powered by earth-friendly Surround Cooling(TM) technology, Fridge-to-go® totes maintain a refrigerator-cold environment for up to 16 hours, without electricity or ice packs, and come in a variety of forms to meet consumer lifestyle needs. Fridge-to-go® is a registered trademark of Kado Industrial Company, Ltd. Distribusa, Inc. is the exclusive distributor and sales agent for Fridge-to-go® products in the Americas.

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SOURCE Distribusa, Inc.