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Stop Bugging Me! Participates in First Ever Bed Bug Awareness Month This September

August 23, 2011

MASHPEE, Mass., Aug. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Stop Bugging Me! is proud to participate in the first ever National Bed Bug Awareness Month in September 2011, as recently declared by BedBug Central. Bed bug outbreaks are widespread and over the last five years, occurrences across the country have tripled. Staying at a hotel, going to the movies, riding in a taxi or spending time in places where many people congregate are now commonplace activities that can spread bed bugs.

Leading authorities and entomologists have predicted this year to be the worst yet for bed bugs, especially during back-to-school season after the peak travel months and as kids return from summer camp. Jeffrey White, the leading research entomologist at BedBug Central, says that after last year’s increase in infestations, the bugs have had an entire year to multiply. “They become more and more embedded,” said White. “The insurgence will be even stronger so prevention is key.”

From September 25th -27th, BedBug Central will host an educational seminar in Chicago entitled, “BedBug University: North American Summit,” at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare. Researchers, policy makers, health departments and dedicated providers including Stop Bugging Me! will gather together to discuss the most effective strategies for increasing bed bug awareness and prevention.

“Stop Bugging Me! is thrilled to be a part of the first ever National Bed Bug Awareness Month. We strive to educate people about the bed bug epidemic and provide them with the products and information they need to prevent, treat and stay informed,” says Robert Trow, principle at Stop Bugging Me! “Bed Bug Awareness Month is crucial because it will provide us with a platform to help reach out to people who might not know how or what steps to take to protect and defend themselves from infestations.”

Stop Bugging Me!, tested and shown to kill bed bugs on contact by BedBug Central, is a truly unique, heroic product in what has quickly become a booming bed bug marketplace. Unlike many other bed bug products that are toxic to humans and pets, Stop Bugging Me! is a completely natural, green treatment that is safe for the entire family – including pets – and is laboratory tested and proven to eliminate and prevent bed bugs and their eggs on contact.

In support of National Bedbug Awareness Month, Stop Bugging Me! will offer a special promotion for the month of September: Buy one product, get one free of equal or lesser value. Stop Bugging Me! also urges Americans to protect themselves against infestations by following these important tips:

  • Travel Prepared: Always bring protective supplies, including plastic bags to store your clothes in and an all-natural bed bug spray to spray onto any bed bug prone or infested areas – rental cars, airplane, bus, train and taxi cab seats, luggage, linens and clothing. Bed bugs like to hide in sleeping and sitting areas that have dark to low light.
  • Know Where To Inspect: Pull back bedspread and sheets to inspect the mattress seams. Run your finger along the entire seam, looking for dark brown spots. Also inspect the bed frame and behind the headboard. Check upholstered chairs focusing on the seams, tufts and crevices, and inside dresser table drawers.
  • Wash Before You Wear: Always wash clothing before wearing it. And when you get home from a vacation, immediately wash all clothing and vacuum out all pieces of luggage. Remember to discard the used vacuum bag or dust canister contents in a sealed bag before cleaning anything else.

For more information about Bed Bug Awareness Month, to speak with Robert Trow or a company representative, or to purchase Stop Bugging Me! visit: www.stopbuggingme.com.

About Rocasuba:

Rocasuba is a manufacturer of health and beauty-care products, including Stop Bugging Me!(TM) and Rapid Lash(TM). A privately held company, Rocasuba prides itself on bringing heroic products to consumers for life’s inconveniences. Founded in 2008, the company is headquartered in Mashpee, M.A.

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