Journal of Sexual Medicine links erectile dysfunction with lifestyle choices, Bury business owner advises medical assessment as sales of counterfeit ED drugs soar

August 26, 2011

New research published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine has revealed how personal lifestyle choices, such as alcohol, recreational drugs and obesity are closely associated with erectile dysfunction. The growth of this socially taboo issue is leading to increased sales of counterfeit medication online. Self-diagnosis could damage your health, warns David Bailey, owner of Bury-based Medical Specialists online pharmacy.

Bury, Lancashire (PRWEB) August 26, 2011

Research published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine this month has revealed that bad health choices and lifestyles can be associated with male sexual dysfunction. Previous estimations have noted that half of UK men aged between 40 and 70 years old, will experience either a few occasional occurrences or long-term erectile dysfunction, which can range from the inability to maintain an erection for intercourse to not achieving that state at all.

The research conducted by Denmark Professor Morten Frisch, of Statens Serum Institut, concluded that bad lifestyle choices, such as obesity, tobacco smoking, high alcohol consumption and the use of hard drugs are associated with sexual dysfunction, particularly in regard to men.

Frisch utilised data from a 2005 survey of 5,552 Danish nationals aged between 16 and 97 years to garner the results. Men who led unhealthy lifestyles without long-term partners increased their chances of erectile dysfunction by 78%, whilst those within marriages and relationships tallied at 71%, especially those who also had a wide girth. Men who used hard drugs, such as cocaine, increased their chances of ED by 800%.

Medical Specialists is a website that is a fully registered online pharmacy with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and a member of both the General Pharmaceutical Council and the National Pharmacy Association. Owner David Bailey welcomed the results of this latest research.

â˜Some men notice the symptoms of ED, self-diagnose themselves and often withdraw, refusing to discuss the problem or seek help. Studies like this can provide a valuable insight into erectile dysfunction and help medical practitioners to advise patients accordingly. As a pharmacy we dispense Viagra in the UK, along with Cialis and Levitra, and the demand for this medication is steadily increasing.â

Discussing â˜The vicious circle of erectile dysfunctionâ for medical website Doctissimo, Beme observes that in â˜our society, men feel that they must conform to the image of the strong, virile maleâ. Parisian gynaecologist Dr Sylvain Mimoun agrees with this preposition. â˜Men must be high-performing and efficient; theyâre not allowed to be weak.â

â˜Erectile dysfunction, despite awareness campaigns by high prolife celebrities such as Pele and Sir Stirling Moss, is still very much a taboo subject, and many men are prone to ignoring the problem as opposed to seeking out treatment,â says David Bailey. â˜The quicker they source genuine medical advice, the quicker the problem can be solved.â

This taboo aspect is unfortunately the cause of international drug market growth as men turn to the internet as opposed to seeking professional medical advice. In May 2011,CBS Los Angeles reported â˜nearly 80 products with names like â˜Man Up, â˜Weekend Princeâ and â˜Max Manâ are being shipped in from India and China that have been laced with the active ingredient found in prescription Viagra.â

â˜Theyâre being promoted as being much cheaper, and unfortunately, theyâre often promoted as being safe and we know thatâs typically not the case,â says urologist Dr. Lawrence Hakim. â˜Weâre seeing counterfeit Levitra, counterfeit Viagra and counterfeit Cialis.â

2010 in America saw the Food & Drug Administration publish an official statement warning consumers not to consume â˜Man Upâ as it was revealed the ingredients were harmful and potentially very dangerous, advising that at least half of all internet drug sales were mislabelled medication, a completely different product or a counterfeited placebo.

â˜The counterfeit drug can look like the original drug,â says the FDAâs Cariny Nunez. â˜We send them to the lab to make sure what type of ingredients, whether or not itâs a fake or brand origination. They can be very dangerous as well in that some of these agents like amphetamines or herbal agents that they often use in these counterfeit drugs can cause other life-threatening issues.â

â˜The health risks with counterfeit or unprescribed drugs purchased online, especially from foreign countries or unknown companies can include heart attacks, strokes and even death,â warned Viagra supplier, David Bailey.â˜Even with a wide range of legitimate and very effective products to treat ED, such as Viagra, prevention is better than a cure.

This latest research can help sufferers to modify their lifestyles to alleviate and sometimes completely eliminate ED altogether. But the most important aspect is that you are professionally diagnosed beforehand. I cannot stress that enough. At Medical Specialists, we have doctors who specialise in erectile dysfunction and can provide help and advice if youâre too embarrassed to make an appointment with a GP.â

â˜Today, solutions exist to stop the downward spiral of failure. Thereâs a lot of good news out there for victims of erectile dysfunction,â advised Beme. â˜Thereâs no need to lock yourself away in a painful silence.â

â˜There are many reasons for sexual dysfunction, including those over which you have no control, such as after cancer treatments, or following injuries,â noted the editor of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Irwin Goldstein. â˜but lifestyle and recreational drug use are individual choices. Each person can modify lifestyle, especially diet and exercise and stop using recreational drugs that inhibit the sexual reflex, to be healthier thereby facilitating sexual function.â

â˜Hopefully our findings can be used in future counselling of patients with unhealthy lifestyles,â Professor Frisch concluded. â˜Knowing about the possible negative consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle to oneâs sexual health may help people quit smoking, consume less alcohol, exercise more, and lose weight.â

â˜My message to anyone thinking they have erectile dysfunction is not to bottle it up, and seek a professional medical diagnosis,â concluded David Bailey from Medical Specialists, qualified online pharmacy and stockists of Viagra and Levitra in the UK.

â˜There is help out there, and solutions, but you wonât find them bought from unlicensed, unchecked online vendors, no matter how tempting their offers may be, and without a professional diagnosis which takes your lifestyle, existing conditions and overall health into account, you may not realise how simply this potentially debilitating problem can be resolved.â

For a professional and confidential online diagnosis, visit Medical Specialists website at http://www.medical-specialists.co.uk, who are licensed suppliers of Cialis in the UK.

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