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Aspect Imaging Launches Certainti(TM) Software Suite for the M2(TM) Compact High-Performance MRI System

September 6, 2011

Novel Software Allows Life Scientists to Access the Power of MRI with
“Push-Button” Simplicity

TORONTO, Canada and SHOHAM, Israel, Sept. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Aspect Imaging
today announced the launch of its Certainti(TM) software for simplifying preclinical research applications on its M2(TM)
compact high-performance MRI system.

Certainti is Aspect Imaging’s simple-to-use “push button” software that
eliminates the need for a researcher to have extensive imaging or MRI
expertise in order to quickly set-up and run rapid MRI studies on the
M2 platform and to generate meaningful, robust data. Rather than have
many variables, filters and technical interfaces, Certainti walks the scientist through a simple icon-based interface to configure a
study. The software automatically references an extensive library of
pre-programmed sequences and imaging protocols to automatically
generate imaging sessions. The researcher is thereby able to quickly
benefit from compelling MRI images and data on their sample without
having to master the multitude of technical elements involved with
traditional MRI operation.

“The launch of Certainti is a major achievement towards Aspect’s goal of allowing the life
scientists to easily and cost-effectively harness the power and
capabilities of MRI using our M2 imaging platform,” says Uri Rapoport,
Aspect Imaging’s Founder and CEO. “Unlike conventional MRI, which
requires significant technical expertise and know-how, Certainti, in combination with the M2 system, can be easily operated by the
non-imager to leverage MRI to quantify their phenotypes in vivo.” Through defining key criteria such as animal model and placement,
target or tumor location (for cancer applications), target anatomy, and
the type of imaging required (ie. 2D or 3D), Certainti accesses its database of hundreds of configurations to automatically
select and execute an optimal MRI imaging protocol. The initial
applications supported by Certainti are 2D and 3D tumor imaging and anatomical imaging of small animal

Certainti software will be launched at the World Molecular Imaging Congress 2011 in San Diego, September 7 – 10, 2011 with live demonstrations being
held in Aspect Imaging’s Booth #418.

About Aspect Imaging:

Aspect Imaging (www.aspectimaging.com) is the world’s leader in high-performance compact MRI imaging systems
for preclinical, clinical and advanced industrial applications. In
preclinical research, Aspect’s M2(TM) platform and suite of products
enables academic researchers and pharmaceutical companies to harness
the power and insights of MRI but without the cost, complexity and
technical burden of traditional MRI systems. With Aspect’s integrated
and simple-to-use platform, researchers can derive deep insights into
their biological questions quickly, easily and cost-effectively – - and
all with the push of a button. As the system has no fringe magnetic
field, the M2 can be placed anywhere in a working lab including at a
scientist’s benchtop. The M2(TM) platform is used by leading institutions
for a broad range of in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro applications including high-resolution 3D anatomical, molecular, functional and
multi-modality imaging. The Aspect high-performance MRI system is used
to quantify the expression of disease, to monitor disease progression
and to assess therapeutic efficacy and response.

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