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MonitorYourBaby.com Offers the Latest Advance in Baby Monitors – Angelcare® AC1100 Three-in-One Video, Movement and Sound Monitor – at a Discount Price

September 6, 2011

HIGHLAND, Utah, Sept. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — MonitorYourBaby.com (http://www.monitoryourbaby.com), a leading ecommerce store specializing in high-quality, name brand baby monitors, has announced that it is an online reseller of the new Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor from Angelcare Monitor Inc. The website is currently offering the award-winning video, movement and sound monitor at 15 percent off the retail price.

“This is one of the most sought-after baby monitoring systems on the market, and we expect it to become the standard for baby monitors in the United States and worldwide,” said Joe Mackey, owner of MonitorYourBaby.com. “It’s the first three-in-one baby monitor with a LCD touch screen and portable parents unit, so tech-savvy parents will be able to check on the safety and well-being of their babies at any time, in any part of the house, using just the three system components.”

The Angelcare AC1100 combines a quality video and sound monitor and a movement monitor in a single system. A sensor pad is placed under a crib’s mattress to monitor the baby’s movements. In addition, the monitor system includes a nursery unit containing a camera that transmits a live video feed of the infant to the rechargeable parents unit, which can be clipped to a belt for enhanced portability. Likewise, the sensor pad sends an alarm to the parents unit if it has detected no movement from the baby for 20 seconds.

MonitorYourBaby.com provides video tutorials on using the Angelcare Monitor AC1100. “No other manufacturer offers a video monitor feature combined with a movement sensor monitoring device,” said Mackey. “Others do video-only or sound and movement, but by combining all three, Angelcare gives parents peace of mind because they know that they’ll be alerted even there if there’s trouble of any kind. This new system gives them more information about their baby than any other infant monitor available.” The sensor pad also keeps tabs on infants’ breathing as well as crib temperature.

Prospective buyers can access text and videos from MonitorYourBaby.com in order to learn more about the many functions and options provided by the Angelcare AC1100. For example, parents have the option of adjusting the nursery unit’s height so that its video camera can capture images of their baby from different angles. The nursery unit also features infrared capabilities so that users can take advantage of night vision for up to 25 feet. The parents unit features a 2.75-inch color monitor display with reception just over 800 feet.

“These are just some of the features that allow parents to rest easy while their baby takes a nap or is even down for the night because they know their baby is comfortable and breathing normally,” said Mackey. “The Angelcare Monitor AC1100 is the best I’ve seen for providing peace of mind.”


Joe Mackey

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