SocialSecurity-Disability.org Launches Updated List of Compassionate Allowances Listings

September 9, 2011

SocialSecurity-Disability.org has launched an updated list of 100 medical conditions that could potentially qualify a disability applicant for expedited claim processing under the SSA’s Compassionate Allowances Listings

Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 09, 2011

SocialSecurity-Disability.org, a leading provider of disability information, articles and resources, has announced the release of an updated list of 100 medical conditions that could potentially qualify an applicant for Social Security Disability benefits under the SSA’s Compassionate Allowances Listings. The information provided by the website will offer valuable details regarding these conditions and how they might qualify an individual for quicker approval of disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

In the past, the SSA treated all disabling medical conditions equally as far as how the agency handled disability claims. In recent years, the SSA recognized that not all disabilities are created equal and that some applicants need expedited handling of their Social Security Disability applications. The answer to this dilemma was the Compassionate Allowances Listings.

The SSA’s Compassionate Allowances Listings provide individuals who suffer from more severe disabling conditions with expedited approval of their Social Security Disability claims. Instead of waiting months or even years for benefits to be approved, individuals who qualify under these listings can begin receiving benefits in under a month.

When the Social Security Administration first rolled out the Compassionate Allowances Listings in 2008, there were only 50 conditions that qualified an individual for claim processing under these guidelines. Then, in 2010, 38 more conditions were added to these listings, bringing the total number of qualifying conditions to 88. Now, in 2011, 12 new conditions have been added, bringing the total number of conditions that could possibly qualify a Social Security Disability applicant for processing under the SSA’s Compassionate Allowances program to 100.

âœMany people who suffer from severely disabling conditions feel overwhelmed by the Social Security Disability claim process,â said SocialSecurity-Disability.org Senior Editor, John Dowling. âœMany of the individuals who now qualify for disability benefits under the updated Compassionate Allowances Listings do not realize how quickly those benefits could be approved. By providing these individuals with access to information regarding these updated qualifying conditions, these applicants can begin to understand how their disabilities qualify them for faster approval of their Social Security Disability payments.â

SocialSecurity-Disability.org is known for their dedication to providing the public with relevant, helpful and accurate advice regarding the disability application and appeal processes. The SocialSecurity-Disability.org website has published hundreds of informative articles and has been providing the resources and information that the public needs in order to understand the disability claim process and win their disability cases. The organization’s efforts to educate the public have been recognized by a number of organizations, including the Better Business Bureau.

SocialSecurity-Disability.org does not charge for the information provided to the public. The information being published regarding the newly-updated Compassionate Allowances Listings will follow that trend and no fees will be charged to access the information provided by the site. By providing this information free to the public, SocialSecurity-Disability.org hopes to increase the number of applicants who are able to successfully obtain the disability benefits to which they are entitled under the Compassionate Allowances program.

âœIn some situations, people do not have years or even just a few months to spend trying to obtain Social Security Disability assistance. These individuals do not always realize that there are disabling conditions that do indeed qualify for expedited claim approval. The new section that we are providing to the public will give our visitors the information they need to determine whether or not their condition may qualify for faster approval under these updated guidelines,â said Dowling.

SocialSecurity-Disability.org is dedicated to providing the public with free access to information and resources they need to make the process of obtaining disability benefits easier and less stressful. The organization provides professionally-written articles and an online library of other informative resources for disability applicants. The website also provides access to Social Security Disability attorneys who offer advice and support to the individuals who are in need of Social Security Disability benefits. The newly-updated Compassionate Allowances Listings are just another helpful resource that is being added to the array of tools that the organization has created for the millions of disability applicants who apply for benefits each year.

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SocialSecurity-Disability.org provides information for individuals who are hoping to receive Social Security disability benefits and to those who have been denied after filing an initial disability claim. We offer information to individuals who are suffering from disabilities and advise them on how to apply for and obtain the Social Security Disability benefits they need from the Social Security Administration.


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