November 30, 2005

Glaxo sees 4 cancer drugs in final trials in 2006

LONDON (Reuters) - GlaxoSmithKline Plc said on Wednesday it
expected to have four key cancer drugs in final-stage clinical
trials next year.

Europe's biggest drug maker said Tykerb, formerly known as
lapatinib, eltrombopag, casopitant and pazopanib all held
promise for fighting tumors and helping patients overcome the
side-effects of chemotherapy.

Until now, oncology has been a small area for Glaxo but the
group believes new products will make it a major player in the
fast-growing world of cancer medicine.

It will give further details on compounds in development to
analysts and investors at an Oncology and Supportive Care
seminar in New York at 1430 GMT.