May 2, 2006

Rower dies hours into 90-day trip

OSLO (Reuters) - The Norwegian coastguard Tuesday found the
body of a 67-year-old adventurer roped to the keel of his
overturned and wrecked boat two days after he had set off from
the North Cape to row the length of Norway's coastline.

Without protection a man can survive for only a few hours
in the cold Arctic waters around the Cape, but before his
departure Richard Horntvedt told a local newspaper he was not
taking a life raft or a survival suit as he did not have enough

"We found his body at about 5.30 a.m. (0330 GMT) this
morning drifting about 10 miles east of the Cape," emergency
services spokesman Erlang Herstad said.

"He was tied to the keel of the boat by a rope, but I don't
know if he had tied himself or became entangled."

Horntvedt had set off Sunday from the North Cape --
Norway's most northerly point deep inside the Arctic Circle --
to row the 2,500-km (1,555-mile) coastline south to Lindesnes
in an open 20-foot (6-metre)-long 1850s style boat.

Herstad did not know what had caused the accident but said
it had probably happened only hours after Horntvedt had
departed in calm weather. Horntvedt only had a mobile phone for
communication and had not made a call for help.

He had expected his journey to take up to 90 days.