July 27, 2006

US issues high-strength hydrogen peroxide warning

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Drinking or injecting high-strength
hydrogen peroxide products sold online to treat serious
diseases such as AIDS can be extremely harmful, U.S. health
officials said on Thursday.

The "35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide" products are
highly corrosive and ingesting them could cause stomach
irritation and ulcers, the Food and Drug Administration said.

Injecting the products intravenously could lead to blood
vessel inflammation, bubbles in blood vessels and potentially
life-threatening allergic reactions, the agency added.

The FDA said it had not approved 35 percent hydrogen
peroxide for any use. The agency sent warnings to two
Texas-based firms, DFWX and Frad 35 Inc., that it said were
illegally selling 35 percent hydrogen peroxide products to
treat AIDS, cancer, emphysema and other serious diseases.

"No one has presented any evidence that hydrogen peroxide
taken internally has any medical value. In fact, consuming
hydrogen peroxide in the manner touted by these Web sites could
lead to tragic results," Dr. Steven Galson, director of the
FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said in a

Donald Worden, owner of Frad 35 Inc., said he would
continue selling his 35 percent hydrogen peroxide product. He
said his Web site provided links to information about potential
medical uses but that he was not promoting it for that purpose.

"There are references to what doctors and other
publications have done. I make reference to that only to give
... people information that they want," Worden said in an

He said the military, universities and independent
laboratories were among his clients. He added that his product
was "technical grade," which his Web site said could be used
for treating waste water.

The strength of hydrogen peroxide solutions sold
over-the-counter for disinfecting wounds is 3 percent.

Officials at DFWX were not immediately available for