October 22, 2006

Birthsis It a Boy or Girl?Birthsis It a Boy or Girl?

SEPT. 22, 2006

Michelle Russell and Robin Poindexter, Greensboro, a boy

SEPT. 25, 2006

Annette and Dylan Setzer, Burlington, a girl

OCT. 8, 2006

Elizabeth and Joseph Cyran, High Point, a girl

Christy and Ken Benson, Colfax, a boy

Melinda Abbitt and Carlo Hoskins, Stokesdale, a boy

Nakeysha and Mohamed El-hag, Greensboro, a boy

Riketta Suber, Pleasant Garden, a girl

Angela Miller, Julian, a girl

OCT. 9, 2006

Heather and Carey Davis, Climax, a girl

Taiwan and Brian Godfrey, Burlington, a boy

Desiree and Robert Minor, Burlington, a girl

Sara and Chris Luper, Greensboro, a girl

Carol Perryricks and Tyson Kimber, Raleigh, a boy

Erika Gregory, Greensboro, a girl

Melanie and Fred Oro, Greensboro, a girl

Jaime Machamer, Greensboro, a boy

Nicole Monroe and Christopher Hutchens, Summerfield, a boy

Kimberly Baysinger, Greensboro, a girl

Latisha Tatum, Greensboro, a girl

Robin and Gary Barham, Kannapolis, a boy

Khalilah Mills, Greensboro, a girl

Deborah and Jeffrey Hinshaw, Greensboro, a boy

Crystal and Donald Norton, Greensboro, a boy

OCT. 10, 2006

Angela Worley and Preston Metz, Greensboro, a boy

Autumn Leach, Asheboro, a girl

Viridiana Landin-Acosta, Greensboro, a girl

Valerie and John Blair, Greensboro, a boy

Tracey and Michael Child, Greensboro, a girl

Kelly and Mike Smith, Greensboro, a boy

Zoila Alvarez-Carmona, Greensboro, a girl

Tracy and Brian Alley, Pleasant Garden, a girl

Daniela Vargas-Angulo and Jesus Enciso, Greensboro, a boy

Cecilia Moffitt, Greensboro, a boy

Peggy and Bobby Richardson, Greensboro, a boy

Cicily Eaddy, Browns Summit, a boy

Ellen and William Cox, Jamestown, a boy

Angela and Gregory Gage, Whitsett, a boy

Shimika Ivey, Greensboro, a boy

OCT. 11, 2006

Stephanie and Steven Horvath, Graham, a boy

Heather and Karl Geoca, Stokesdale, a boy

Amanda and Stephen Adamczak, Greensboro, a boy

Crystal and Melvin Anderson, a boy

Heather Grimes, Graham, a boy

Cynthia and Clayton Robinson, Asheboro, a girl

Fatundra and Quante Speight, Greensboro, a girl

Deirdra and Tyron Tyson, Greensboro, a girl

Waikeisha Richardson, Greensboro, a girl

OCT. 12, 2006

Julia and Scott Toth, Greensboro, a boy

Kristin Toomes, Randleman, a girl

Mary and Jake Decola, Greensboro, a girl

Tonya Jackson and Johnny Jackson Jr., Burlington, a girl

Angel and Scott Loftis, Ringgold, a boy

Katherine Beachy and Kevin Witriol, Greensboro, a boy

Yolunda and James France, Greensboro, a boy

Alicia Liersaph, Graham, a boy

Tara and Martin Yaravitz, High Point, a girl

Monica and Ben Hackett, Greensboro, a girl

Mahia and Michael Hicks, Stokesdale, a boy

Angela Davis, Greensboro, a boy

Shenique Brock, Greensboro, a boy

Eloise Readen, Greensboro, a boy

Rachel and Bryan Knisely, Jamestown, a boy

Tracy and Brett Zimmerman, Greensboro, a boy

OCT. 13, 2006

Tara and Manuel Jimenez, Browns Summit, a boy

Tammy and Pete Denny, Reidsville, a girl

Heather and Nicolo Scavone, Greensboro, a boy

Lindsay and Matthew Wrenn, Stokesdale, a boy

Jennifer Tucker, Greensboro, a girl

Dolores Benito, Greensboro, a girl

Katie and Pernell Wise, Mebane, a girl

Sara and Robert Saxer, Stokesdale, a boy

Shelley and Jeffrey Southerland, Greensboro, a girl

Gloria Dedios, Greensboro, a girl

Chasity York, Asheboro, a girl

Katrina and Jessie Young, Kernersville, a girl

Nicole and Michael Moore, Greensboro, a girl

Laura and Robert Shipp, High Point, a boy

Lanita Browning, Burlington, a boy

OCT. 14, 2006

Cori-Anne and John Gallina, Greensboro, a boy

Fabiola Munoz-Sanchez, Greensboro, a girl

Miranda Lemon, Greensboro, a girl

Bonnie and Bryan Rosenberg, Mebane, a boy and a girl

Alicia Cisneros-Medina, High Point, a boy

Jody and Henry Hardaway, Gibsonville, a boy

Marlene and Humberto Baza, Greensboro, a girl

Judith and Stephen Providence, Greensboro, a girl

Mindy Garrett, Liberty, a boy

Pantera Coleman, Greensboro, a girl

Christi and Rusty McPherson, Asheboro, a boy

OCT. 15, 2006

Colleen and Brian Marable, Greensboro, a girl

Leslie and John Popik, Greensboro, a boy Continued from Page

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