October 23, 2006

Bill Nouri Appointed to Veterinary Diagnostics Institute Board of Directors

Veterinary Diagnostics Institute (VDxI), Inc., a specialty diagnostics laboratory services provider for companion animals, today announced that Nabil (Bill) J Nouri has been appointed to VDxI's Board of Directors.

Bill Nouri, spanning an impressive 30+ years in the reference laboratory service sector, began his career with the original formation of Metpath Laboratories in 1973. In the early '90s Bill Nouri was Vice President & General Manager of Metpath's (now Quest Diagnostics) Teterboro, NJ facility, which is the nation's largest reference lab processing over 60,000 specimens per day. Bill Nouri also held posts managing Quest's Baltimore lab and Regional VP of Operations. More recently, he was VP of the Program Office, where he was responsible for the organization and implementation of major company initiatives, including driving full system standardization throughout the more than thirty Quest Diagnostics facilities.

"I am very excited to join the VDxI Board of Directors, as the company embarks on the challenges of establishing a veterinary esoteric laboratory," said Bill Nouri. "VDxI is poised to provide the veterinary market with a dedicated focus on new and unique assays that will lead to significant enhancements in the level of veterinary care available to the growing pet population in this country."

"We are very excited about Bill joining VDxI's Board of Directors. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to VDxI that will help guide us in the years ahead," said Randy Ringold, CEO and Founder of VDxI. "We expect substantial demand for our services and meeting that demand requires operational effectiveness and efficiencies. With Bill's experience with the nation's largest provider for human clinical lab services, our veterinary clients can be confident VDxI will be well prepared to meet their demands for high-quality test services."

About Veterinary Diagnostics Institute

VDxI, a California corporation, is a specialty diagnostics laboratory service provider dedicated to the introduction of innovative biomarkers for companion animals. Through collaboration with academia and in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers, VDxI addresses a growing demand in the veterinary healthcare service for advanced diagnostics. The United States has the world's largest population of companion animals, over 150 million, with over $20 billion spent on veterinary care each year. For more information see www.vdxinstitute.com.