November 14, 2006

MediTract Announces Contract Management Solution for Small and Rural Healthcare Organizations

MediTract, Inc. the leading contract management service provider exclusively serving the healthcare industry, today introduced a contract management solution designed specifically for the needs of small and rural healthcare organizations.

Based on a secure, online database, TractManager provides users with control over the content and access of their organization's contractual obligations. The new TractManager solution was developed exclusively for smaller, stand-alone hospitals and regional healthcare organizations. The company's services are traditionally used by larger healthcare organizations such as national healthcare systems, regional and university hospitals, and payer organizations.

"We understand the budgetary limitations of today's small and rural healthcare organizations and have developed a TractManager solution with the same level of core functionality at an affordable price point for these smaller organizations," said Thomas A. Rizk, chairman and chief executive officer, MediTract, Inc. "Because there are no upfront payments, no implementation fees or training costs, this new TractManager solution better meets the financial requirements of our expanding customer base."

With this new TractManager solution, small and rural healthcare organizations will receive scanning equipment, a customized database and access to instructor-led, web-based training to educate authorized users.

The TractManager solution will allow small and rural healthcare organizations to:

- Locate contracts immediately, eliminating the need for copies and manual distribution;

- Advance email alerts for expiration, critical dates and automatic renewal of contracts;

- Control contractual obligations while preparing for audits and accreditations;

- Minimize risk of non-compliance by reducing payments on expired contracts;

- Maximize revenue collections and eliminate wasteful spending;

- Eliminate the risk of missing warranty expirations and service/maintenance requirements.

About MediTract, Inc.

MediTract ( is the leading contract management service provider exclusively serving the healthcare industry, and currently works with hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems at thousands of locations nationwide. The company's solutions help healthcare professionals regain control of their contracts and reduce the cost of doing business by providing the tools necessary to improve management's visibility of contractual obligations, enhance compliance and streamline workflow.