November 16, 2006

EncounterCare Solutions, Inc. Announces Agreement Between Advanced Pharmacy Solutions, Inc. And CyberMedx Medical Systems, LLC

Ronald W. Mills, Sr., CEO of EncounterCare Solutions, Inc. (Pink Sheet:ECSL) announces the signing of an agreement between Advanced Pharmacy Solutions, Inc. and EncounterCare Solutions' wholly owned subsidiary CyberMedx Medical Systems, LLC.

The license agreement will allow Advanced Pharmacy Solutions to deploy the Electronic Medical Data Exchange in the state of California. It will also allow Dr. Roache the opportunity to guide the future development and deployment of the EMDE worldwide as a member of the Advisory Council.

The Electronic Medical Data Exchange is a unique automated data management system designed to improve service efficiency and provide documentation with devices that include but are not limited to the Oxygen Concentrator, Liquid 02, CPAP/BIPAP, IV and Ventilator systems. The EMDE is a web based system that automatically provides near real time status of attached devices, over hardwired or wireless telephony lines, in the field to the EMDE. The EMDE data can be accessed by subscribers via the internet to retrieve data and reports; be coupled to the EMDE Electronic Health Record™ system.

Mr. Ronald R. Barnett, President/CEO of CyberMedx Medical Systems stated, "We are particularly enthusiastic about this agreement with Advanced Pharmacy Solutions. As a Southern California regional industry leader in non-acute care ventilator management, Advanced Pharmacy Solutions' participation in the STATus™ Advisory Council (SAC) validates the need for a centralized internet based data exchange that is brand neutral in the market place. That brand neutral system is the STATus™ Electronic Medical Data Exchange. SAC provides for the exchange of information by industry leaders that will enhance the operation of the EMDE for all who utilize it." Mr. Barnett added, "We have had significant interest from industry leaders who endorse and use our system."

Advanced Pharmacy Solutions' comments:

Dr. James H. Roache, President and CEO of Advanced Pharmacy Solutions stated, "We welcome the opportunity to work with CyberMedx on this cutting edge, Internet based technology. The potential for significantly improved patient outcomes through enhanced real-time communications between the pulmonologist and the remote-site location of the critical homecare patient, is paramount to providing superior patient care while conserving precious healthcare dollars."

CyberMedx Medical Systems provides patient data management, communication, and information systems to the hospital and home care industries. CyberMedx has developed the InteleNett™ family of patient data management products for hospitals and the STATus™ family of device data management products for home care. These systems increase productivity, reduce cost, improve efficiency and extend the operational life expectancy of existing patient monitoring and therapy delivery devices. A more thorough description of CyberMedx Medical Systems can be found on its website:

EncounterCare Solutions, Inc. (ECSL) is an integrated healthcare company that operates its business through two divisions, the Healthcare Technology Division and the Healthcare Services Division. ECSL's five operating businesses offer a broad range of proprietary healthcare technology, products and services that address several substantial target markets, including: the Healthcare Information Technology market, the Healthcare Telemedicine market (Electronic Health Record and Electronic Medical Data Exchange), and the Homecare market. After the acquisition, ECSL's five operating businesses will include: Pharmacy, Building Blocks Pediatric Home Health Services, CyberMedx Medical Systems LLC, Encounter Select and JMJ Technologies, Inc. A more thorough description of EncounterCare Solutions, Inc. can be found on its website:

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