December 14, 2006

Healthvision Announces Agreement With North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP) to Build an Interoperable Health Information Exchange System

Healthvision®, a leading health information technology solutions company, announced an agreement today to provide the Healthvision Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) platform, in combination with associated electronic medical or health record (EMR / EHR) applications from NextGen® and Allscripts®, to North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP). NTSP is a multi-specialty Independent Physician Association (IPA) based in Fort Worth, Texas, with 600 member physicians serving approximately 15,000 patients.

The launch of this ground-breaking implementation of Healthvision's HIE platform is scheduled for early 2007. The project is expected to cost approximately $6.5 million over three years, and will be the first installation of an electronic health information exchange system in the North Texas area.

Healthvision's HIE platform electronically links all members of the patient care team, including physicians, hospitals, labs and other stakeholders, for the purposes of sharing key clinical data among all care providers and developing a complete electronic data record for all patients. Participating NTSP physicians will be able to access, use, and electronically share critical patient health data throughout the North Texas market.

"NTSP's cutting-edge health information solution implementation is a significant step in their development into a comprehensive, information-sharing community. By using the robust information exchange and communication features of Healthvision's Healthcare Interoperability Exchange platform, combined with the EMR applications, NTSP's physicians will be empowered with critical tools that can improve the efficiency, safety, and quality of patient care," commented Scott Decker, President and CEO of Healthvision.

Healthvision's HIE platform delivers the following key components:

HIPAA-compliant security solution provides authentication, access and auditing for all clinical data.

An integrated enterprise patient index (EPI) for patient identity resolution.

Patient-centric longitudinal data repository that can store data from inpatient and ambulatory systems.

Workflow engine that provides intelligent alerting and message routing based on specific data content.

Standards-based system support for existing and newly emerging open standards and a nonproprietary implementation approach.

NTSP's implementation of this complete, electronic health information exchange solution will bring many benefits to the physicians, other care providers, and patients within the North Texas region. Physicians and other providers will be able to access and use critical patient health information at the point of care, and this can improve the timeliness and quality of patient care. Electronic patient records containing critical health data, including medical history, known allergies, and medications, can be viewed and updated by care providers when and where necessary.

"Providing solutions that fit our physicians' workflow and improve their performance was the key consideration for NTSP," commented Tom Deas, M.D., President of NTSP. The applications from Healthvision allow NTSP providers to choose NextGen EMR, Allscripts EHR, or their existing EMR to connect with the health information exchange. In addition, all of the providers will have instant access to patient health information through any Web-based browser. According to Deas, "Physicians must be able to choose the right solution for their practice and workflow for an initiative of this magnitude to be successful. Healthvision allows our providers to pick the tools that will work in their office, while providing an infrastructure to securely share the information across applications."

This timely access to patient information can also improve the efficiency of care and potentially lower overall treatment costs. Physicians and other providers will be able to use electronic patient records containing updated and complete laboratory testing information. Currently, patient laboratory results often exist in paper formats at various physician offices. Electronic patient records containing laboratory results can eliminate the need for repeat testing and reduce the cost of treatment.

About North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP)

Fort Worth, Texas-based NTSP provides high quality medical care to approximately 15,000 patients every day. NTSP is a 600 doctor IPA, an entity that provides a set of value-added services for a collective group of physicians. For more information, visit

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