December 21, 2006

American Medical Systems’ AdVance(TM) Male Sling Positioned to Increase Male Incontinence Market

AdVance™ Male Sling System, an innovative new treatment solution for men suffering from mild stress urinary incontinence from American Medical Systems Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMMD) was a new technology highlight at the 36th Annual International Continence Society (ICS) meeting held recently in Christchurch, New Zealand.

AdVance was showcased during a symposium on "Minimally Invasive Procedures for Male Stress Incontinence" chaired by Dr. Ajay Singla, Associate Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine. "AdVance is an exciting new treatment option for men with mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence," stated Dr. Singla. "It was very well received by the ICS attendees and shows much promise."

Dr. Peter Rehder and Dr. Christian Gozzi, noted urologists at the University of Innsbruck, Austria and co-creators of the device, presented clinical data and procedural information at the congress. Dr. Rehder stated, "The AdVance sling is truly revolutionary, enabling the treatment of mild male incontinence in an entirely new way." Dr. Rehder continued, "In contrast to other devices that rely on compression, this device repositions the urethra for optimal functionality. Furthermore, unlike slings designed for female incontinence, the AdVance Male Sling System has been specifically designed to be tensioned in order to facilitate optimal clinical outcomes from this innovative treatment for male stress urinary incontinence."

More than two million men worldwide suffer from stress urinary incontinence, a condition defined as the uncontrolled leakage of urine due to coughing, straining or some other sudden movement. A majority of these men are prostate cancer survivors, having undergone surgery for the treatment of their cancer with the often unavoidable outcome of a damaged urinary sphincter. Many of these patients experience urethral descent, increasingly recognized by urologists as a form of male prolapse, which impedes the man's residual sphincteric functionality in ensuring continence. As a result, these incontinent men often restrict their activities, limit their fluid intake or change their lifestyles in an attempt to cope with this humiliating condition. While moderate to severe cases of incontinence in men have been successfully treated through surgical intervention utilizing AMS products for years, the majority of incontinent men, those only mildly incontinent, have had few attractive medical alternatives until now.

Martin J. Emerson, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Medical Systems, stated, "The AdVance Male Sling expands our offering of products for stress incontinence in men, and urologists around the world are eager to offer their patients this exciting technology." Mr. Emerson added, "AMS continues to bring innovation to our physician customers and their patients. We also place high value on appropriately training physicians on these new procedures. Over 100 physicians have been trained on AdVance and they are thrilled with the outcomes they're seeing. The interest only continues to grow."

About American Medical Systems

American Medical Systems, headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota and including its recently concluded acquisition of Laserscope, is a diversified supplier of medical devices and procedures to cure erectile dysfunction, benign prostatic hyperplasia, incontinence, menorrhagia, prolapse and other pelvic disorders in men and women. These disorders can significantly diminish one's quality of life and profoundly affect social relationships. In recent years, the number of people seeking treatment has increased markedly as a result of longer lives, higher quality-of-life expectations and greater awareness of new treatment alternatives. American Medical Systems' products reduce or eliminate the incapacitating effects of these diseases, often through minimally invasive therapies. The Company's products were used to provide approximately 170,000 patient cures in 56 countries during 2005.

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