February 27, 2007

North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System Selects TheraDoc(R) for Infection Control and Disease Surveillance

Building on its technical expertise in healthcare emergency preparedness, the Great Neck, NY-based North Shore-Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Health System received, through the efforts of U.S. Representative Peter King, a grant from the Department of Defense to expand its already extensive emergency preparedness and bioterrorism surveillance programs. A key component of this effort is strengthening North Shore-LIJ's internal surveillance and reporting capabilities regarding infectious pathogens isolated in the health system's laboratories and information generated in the emergency departments.

To support these surveillance activities as well as centralize microbiology data from the 15-hospital health system's various lab systems, North Shore-LIJ has selected TheraDoc® Inc., www.theradoc.com, a clinical informatics company that develops and implements real-time electronic surveillance and expert clinical decision support systems to improve the quality and safety of patient care at the country's leading hospitals.

"In addition to providing North Shore-LIJ with tools for hospital-based internal infection control monitoring and reporting, TheraDoc provides a tailor-made solution for converting our lab system's text-generated microbiology reports into discrete data that is usable for a variety of surveillance and emergency preparedness activities," said Michael Oppenheim, MD, VP and Chief Medical Information Officer for the North Shore-LIJ Health System. "Their technology will allow our infection control practitioners to spend more time on prevention and control activities as well as allow us to move our bioterrorism surveillance program to a new level as we implement and expand our surveillance of infectious diseases in our hospitals and communities."

TheraDoc's real-time, standards-based infection control software will eliminate the tedious manual review and collection of microbiology and ADT reports. TheraDoc further supports these control measures by providing tools for isolation management and Quick Guides to educate clinical staff on procedures for handling infected patients and preventing the spread of disease. With TheraDoc, North Shore-LIJ will significantly expand its surveillance systems while supporting additional management, control and reporting capabilities -- all with existing staff.

TheraDoc will also work in tandem with FirstWatch, a real-time early warning system, in supporting key components of emergency preparedness for North Shore-LIJ's Center for Emergency Medical Services in Syosset, NY. TheraDoc's database will be leveraged by FirstWatch to perform data mining and analysis to identify potential outbreaks, as well as to provide graphic rendering of geographic disease activity in addition to providing real-time automated wireless notifications to emergency preparedness personnel. FirstWatch will also give North Shore-LIJ the ability to collaborate with agencies inside & outside of New York State, in seeing aggregated real-time data related to public health and public safety trends and patterns.

Brian O'Neil, senior VP of Emergency Medical Services, said, "In any major outbreak, time is of the essence in containing, isolating and treating illness. These two surveillance platforms, working in conjunction, will provide us the ability to see trends in real-time and respond more quickly. Using these two platforms we can quickly graph disease management from the point of entry into the healthcare system to the point of discharge. Not only does this information assist us with planning and allow us to provide quicker notifications and response, but it makes sound medical sense from an everyday quality perspective."

"North Shore-LIJ Health System has developed one of our country's leading emergency management programs through its Center for Emergency Medical Services," notes TheraDoc president and CEO, Stan Pestotnik. "We are honored to assist them in serving the emergency preparedness needs of their network of hospitals, as well as state, county and city agencies."

About North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System

Headquartered in Great Neck, N.Y., the North Shore-LIJ Health System is the nation's third largest, non-profit, secular healthcare system, and cares for people of all ages throughout Long Island, Queens and Staten Island -- a service area encompassing more than five million people. The health system includes 15 hospitals, four long-term care facilities, a medical research institute, four trauma centers, five home health agencies and dozens of outpatient centers. North Shore-LIJ facilities house more than 6,000 beds, and are staffed by over 8,000 physicians, 10,500 nurses and a total workforce of about 37,500 -- the largest employer on Long Island and the ninth largest in New York City.

About TheraDoc, Inc.

TheraDoc is a clinical informatics company dedicated to improving the quality, efficiency and safety of patient care through enhanced clinical decision making. It provides innovative, best-in-class solutions that improve clinical and financial outcomes at a range of provider and payer organizations, including some of the most-respected healthcare institutions in the country. With clinical transparency, TheraDoc's technologies seamlessly place mission-critical knowledge at the clinician's fingertips, helping them to confidently manage multiple processes of care across multiple conditions and diseases. The company's strict adherence to medical informatics standards enables connectivity and interoperability with any hospital's health information systems.

Founded in 1999, TheraDoc designs, develops, and supports a suite of clinical decision support technologies, all of which utilize a unique inference engine that enables its real-time capabilities. TheraDoc's founders and core medical informatics team are internationally recognized for their pioneering work in medical expert systems. Their experience in clinical decision support design and development spans two decades. www.theradoc.com.

About FirstWatch

FirstWatch, currently deployed in 54 metro areas in North America, is a commercial off-the-shelf (cots) situational awareness and surveillance software system that, once configured to work with applicable data sources, will allow authorized users to securely monitor existing data systems for statistically significant occurrences in user-defined criteria--from a situational awareness, homeland security, public health or operational standpoint.

Once a concerning volumetric or geographic trend (or pattern) is detected, the FirstWatch system will automatically alert user-defined personnel via email, pager, SMS (short text message) or fax. Alerted personnel can use the real-time FirstWatch information to determine the nature and significance of the occurrence, and take appropriate steps to warn and protect the public (as well as first responders), if necessary.

FirstWatch is designed to allow aggregation of data from multiple public safety & public health agencies (with disparate data sources) to provide authorized users with a true real-time, regionalized situational awareness perspective across geopolitical boundaries and operational areas. www.firstwatch.net.

Media Note: TheraDoc will be at HIMSS booth #4743.