March 8, 2007

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Selects Phoenix for Its First Hospital Serving the West

CHICAGO, March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) today announced its plans to build a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. The new CTCA facility will provide cancer patients from the Western United States easier access to its unique treatment model that fully integrates state-of- the-art medical treatments and technologies with scientifically-based complementary therapies like nutrition, naturopathy, physical therapy, mind- body medicine and spiritual support all under one roof. The Phoenix facility will be the fourth CTCA hospital, along with hospitals in suburban-Chicago, Philadelphia and Tulsa, and an out-patient care program in Seattle, Washington.

"This is a victory for cancer patients," said 43 year old Belinda Cummings, CTCA patient from Buckeye, Arizona. "I have been traveling to CTCA near Chicago for three years. I chose CTCA not only because they had great doctors and technology, but they took care of me as a person, and offered me hopeful healing options unlike anything I could find. I'm a cancer patient, but also a working mother and wife. Their integrative treatment model treats me as a whole person, keeping me strong enough to endure the treatments, and help me maintain a good quality of life. I am fighting my cancer and everyone at CTCA has done more to help me win that fight, than I ever could have imagined."

Patients at CTCA are empowered and encouraged to be part of their treatment decisions. Known as Patient Empowerment Medicine(SM), CTCA puts patients at the center of all care decisions and encourages them to voice their opinions and perspectives about their care. Patient Empowerment Medicine provides clear, ongoing discussions among patients, caregivers and their clinical team about treatment options that best meet each individual's specific needs and concerns.

"The CTCA mission is to provide hope and healing for cancer patients and caregivers everywhere, which is why we are bringing our treatment philosophy and care model to the Western United States," explained Stephen B. Bonner, president and chief executive officer at CTCA. "On average, our patients are traveling more than 500 miles one way to treat at our hospitals. So, our patients have asked us to build hospitals closer to their homes. This new facility in Phoenix will help our patients in the Western region of the United States eliminate some of the stress associated with traveling so they can focus on beating their disease."

CTCA will begin construction of its new 210,000-square-foot-facility this summer, which will include approximately 24 in-patient rooms, ICU rooms and surgical suites, state-of-the-art radiation therapy and infusion departments, an on-site, out-patient clinic, rehabilitation and physical therapy, and on- site residential accommodations for out-patients and their families.

Award-winning PSA-Dewberry Inc., a Tulsa-based architectural firm with a 65-year history in healthcare design, has been selected to design the new hospital. The firm also designed CTCA at Southwestern Regional Medical Center in Tulsa, which opened in April 2005. In addition, PSA-Dewberry Inc. is partnering with local Phoenix based design firm, Architectural Nexus, to help guide the project on-site. CTCA invites cancer patients and their family members to be actively involved in every step of the hospital design process -- from the initial building planning concepts to architectural elements, including exterior appearance, interior design, lighting and colors.

"That's just part of our commitment to patient-centered care and our focus on what cancer patients value most," said Bonner. "Instead of guessing, we believe it's important to ask cancer patients what functional design elements help improve their treatment and healing. We don't walk in their shoes as patients, so it's important to listen, respect and address what our patients value most -- from the treatments we offer to the hospital environment."

In addition to state-of-the-art technology and unique integrative treatment model, the new CTCA hospital will provide economic benefits and employment opportunities within the greater Phoenix area. According to Robert Mayo, vice chairman of CTCA, "This facility will add more than $500 million into the local economy." Mayo said the new hospital will create 260 jobs in its opening year. Within three years, CTCA projects the new hospital will grow to approximately 420 medical and administrative staff members.

"Phoenix and cancer patients throughout the Western United States will benefit substantially from this new facility," said City Councilman Claude Mattox, who represents the district in which the hospital will be located. "Cancer is such a devastating disease. I'm pleased to welcome one of the nation's leading cancer treatment hospitals. CTCA will be a tremendous new asset to our medical community and our common goal to beat cancer."

Mrs. Cummings agreed that a CTCA facility brings a revolutionary way to fight cancer to the West. "It's more than what kind of treatment CTCA provides," said Cummings. "It's how they provide the treatment that makes all the difference to me and thousands of other cancer patients. I know sometimes things seem too good to be true. But in this case, CTCA truly provides hopeful and compassionate cancer care."

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