March 22, 2007

Carestream Health, Inc., Unveils New Corporate Logo

Carestream Health, Inc., the independent company that will result from the sale of Eastman Kodak Company's Health Group to a subsidiary of Onex Corporation, today unveiled its new corporate logo. The stylish insignia pays respect to Carestream Health's legacy as a Kodak business, while boldly reflecting its future as a medical technology innovator.

The logo and related branding elements will factor prominently into the company's launch-related marketing efforts and new corporate web site when the multi-billion dollar sale is completed. Kodak and Onex report that they remain on track for a closing in the first half of 2007.

As part of today's unveiling, the new logo was announced globally to the approximately 8,100 employees that will make up Carestream Health, soon to be one of the world's leading independent medical imaging and healthcare IT businesses.

The logo's design is intended to convey a balance of strength and approachability -- fitting given Carestream Health's heritage as a Kodak business and its future as a standalone entity. The word "Carestream," for example, features rounded typography for a smooth, easy-to-read rhythm. The encircled graphic symbol, derived from the letters "C" and "S", helps unify the words Carestream and Health while connoting a "circle of care," which the company's products enable. The color palette of cool blues with orange accents also gives the logo a fresh, contemporary feel.

"Kodak's logo has served as a symbol of trust for more than 100 years. This new logo for Carestream Health, with its nice, clean look and pleasing colors, evokes a similar impression, while also serving to help define a totally new company that will strive for innovation and excellence," said Marco M. Leonardi, M.D., Professor of Neuroradiology, University of Bologna, a world-famous medical teaching institution in Bologna, Italy. "We look forward to our relationship with this new company and its people, which will be the continuation of a solid rapport we at the university have enjoyed for more than 10 years."

"The Carestream Health corporate logo builds on the confidence we have placed in the Kodak brand over the years. We are expecting this new company to deliver not just technological innovation, but also collaborative services that will help us deliver outstanding efficiencies to our organization and superior care to our patients," said Robert J. Homan, Medical Imaging/PACS Clinical Coordinator, Joint Township District Memorial Hospital, a community hospital serving the St. Marys, Ohio, region. (PACS stands for picture archiving and communications system. The hospital uses such a system, supplied by the Health Group, for the management and archiving of patients' medical images.)

"We are optimistic that the new venture this logo represents is a very positive move in the worldwide healthcare IT market," said Alan Fleming PACS Programme Manager, National Health Service (NHS) Scotland, which appointed Kodak as the leading supplier to the Scotland National PACS project. "As we move forward with this new company, we hope to see the same adaptive and innovative style we have come to expect from its highly regarded predecessor, and most of all we look forward to a partnership that delivers effective and high quality patient care in the years to come."

About Kodak's Health Group

Kodak's Health Group -- which will become a stand-alone company named Carestream Health, Inc., when Onex' acquisition of the business is completed -- is a leading provider of medical and dental imaging systems and information technology solutions; molecular imaging systems; and non-destructive testing products.

About Onex Corporation

Onex is a diversified company with annual consolidated revenues of approximately $20 billion and consolidated assets of approximately $20 billion. Onex is one of Canada's largest companies with global operations in service, manufacturing and technology industries, including healthcare. Onex shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the stock symbol OCX.