April 16, 2007

Fertility Centers of Illinois Hosts Third Annual Midwest Reproductive Symposium June 8 – 9, The Drake Hotel, Chicago

The Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI) will host the third annual Midwest Reproductive Symposium where physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and scientists will meet to discuss new concepts, techniques and challenges in the field of reproductive medicine. This forum will collectively bring together medical experts to help advance the field of assisted reproductive technology. The Midwest Reproductive Symposium (MRS) is an educational event that began in 2005 to promote the timely discussions of issues relevant to reproductive medicine.

"This is a very unique opportunity to meet with colleagues each year and share knowledge and experiences in the many different growing areas of reproductive medicine," explains Angeline Beltsos, MD, Fertility Centers of Illinois and Symposium Chair. "Our main objective is to discuss and debate new techniques, concepts and treatment modalities that will ultimately have a positive benefit for couples who struggle to have a baby," she says.

The primary topics that will be discussed are reproductive genetics such as, biotechnology and bioethics, in addition to oocyte cryopreservation advancements. Medical professionals with specific expertise in these areas will present the most current clinical aspects of their research and how they apply their findings to everyday patient issues. Meeting participants will have the opportunity to provide critical review of the data presented in addition to several areas of current debate, such as, options for cancer patients facing infertility and embryo transfer assessment.

For a complete schedule and registration, please visit, http://fcionline.com, or call 773.755.3000. Interested participants may also register by visiting www.Cvent.com and enter event code 4YN78BST2M3.

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