June 25, 2007

How to Avoid Running Into Cute Guys When Buying Tampons… And All Your Other Period Questions Answered

What if the cute guy from school is in the drugstore when you're buying tampons? Wouldn't you just die? And, can everyone tell you're on your period? When should you use a tampon and when a pad? Will your period come when you're not prepared? How many days will it last?

Getting your first period may come with a hurricane of emotions -- it's scary, embarrassing, overwhelming, cool and exciting all at once.

Your body and life are changing whether you are ready for it or not. Luckily, unlike boring feminine care products targeted to adult women, new products from Petite Amie are truly in tune with your emotions, development and concerns. "Petite Amie understands teen girls' insecurities and unique qualities, and approaches a delicate and sometimes confusing topic with a voice that she can relate to and feel comfortable with," says Toyna J. Chin, founder and president of Hygeia(TM) which developed Petite Amie.

Petite Amie has fused lifestyle, beauty, health, fashion and education into a unique website and line of products. Petite Amie Cycle Kits(TM) provide everything you need to get through you period with confidence, comfort, style and ease. Cycle Kits, available now at MyPetiteAmie.com, are the one-stop-shop for on-the-go teens and girls in one stylish, convenient kit.

Kits come in four different versions based on different needs and product preferences: one for girls just starting out with their first period and three for teens who are already up on the whole P-thing.

Cycle Kits contain different combinations of:

 --  Regular and super absorbency tampons --  Ultra skinny overnight pads with wings --  Ultra skinny day pads with wings --  Pantyliners --  Thong liners --  Toilettes      

And, more than just a cool, teen-centric feminine care product, MyPetiteAmie.com is designed to be, as the name says, your "little girlfriend" who knows all the things you want to know, who answers all your embarrassing questions, and who has everything you need for that scary, overwhelming, cool thing that is your period. In addition to an "Ask the Expert" section where you can anonymously ask doctors and health educators about your body, you can also ask teen-angst expert, and hip Bel-Air "It" girl Courtenay Semel anything you'd like to know about beauty, fashion, growing up and the little (and not so little) challenges that come along the way.

And the best part -- and something that will make those "nightmare run-ins with your crush at the drugstore" a thing of the past -- is that you can sign up to automatically receive your Cycle Kit each month in the mail. It makes it as easy and convenient (and unembarrassing) as possible, so you can spend more time thinking about other things, like that cute guy from school.

About Hygeia Personal Care Products, Inc.

Based in San Francisco, Hygeia develops and markets safe, innovative products for young women (ages 8 to 19). The company provides personal care, intimate hygiene, OTC antifungal and related products, as well as informational resources under the Petite Amie lifestyle brand. For additional information, visit www.mypetiteamie.com and www.hygeiapcp.com

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SOURCE: Hygeia Personal Care Products, Inc.