Health News Archive - November 12, 2005


America's fighting men made their way across Europe during World War II with Juicy Fruit in their rucksacks. The GIs of the future could be carrying a type of chewing gum a lot better for their teeth.

Health authorities Saturday launched a two-week campaign to immunize 800,000 children in divided Kashmir following concerns that infectious disease could thrive in the crowded and sometimes squalid tent camps for earthquake survivors.


Stressed out? Put on an angry face -- or at least not a fearful one.

Tired travelers may have a means of reducing or preventing jet lag, researchers report.


For some people, sluggishness during the day could be rooted in abnormally high blood pressure during sleep the night before, new research contends.

By Michael Perry PORT MORESBY (Reuters) - The United States may be the home of gangster rap, but in this crime-ridden South Pacific city the gangsters really are rockin' the jails and the music charts.

By James Kilner OSLO (Reuters) - The bright sun sparkles on the cold waters of the fjord, forcing the Grey-haired man to squint slightly. "This is where I come to think," Odd Bjorn Fure says without breaking his gaze.

Word of the Day
  • A hairdresser.
The word 'friseur' comes from French friseur, from friser ("to curl, frizz").